Weekly review: Week ending February 21, 2010

From last week’s plans:


  • [/] Use new training program logo where appropriate
  • [X] Help team members send out Idea Lab invitations
  • [X] Learn from IBVA team
  • Also: Helped Jennifer Nolan with Drupal installation
  • Got a tour of the virtual analytics center from Jack Mason
  • Learned tons from IBVA mentors =D
  • Gave a former mentor advice on marketing independent consulting and coaching services
  • Joined a great conversation on leadership
  • Started UK visa application, may be there in mid-March
  • Loaded questions into Idea Lab


  • [X] Bake more awesomes – chicken pot pie and apple tarts, dough made using the food processor = flaky and yummy
  • [X] Smoothen household routines – made a week of meals in advance
  • Also: Checked out a few restaurants. Had huevos rancheros at Dr. Generosity, pretty yummy. Cheerful servers.
  • Learned more about great perspectives from W-


  • [  ] Upload Siargao pictures to photo-book making website
  • [  ] Compare photo book to getting prints of favourite Siargao shots … clearly this is low on my priority list, so I should just ‘fess up and either drop it or do it
  • [X] Sew more pouches
  • Also: Attended Seedy Sunday and picked up lots of seeds
  • Sewed a box-type bag
  • Tidied up a lot

Next week:


  • [  ] Conduct IBVA interviews (eep!)
  • [  ] Finalize preparations for Idea Lab
  • [  ] Create leader guide for Discovery Workshop
  • [  ] Finish UK visa application


  • [  ] Bake more pies
  • [  ] Send invitations to my family
  • [  ] Assemble more things for care package


  • [  ] Survive having my wisdom teeth extracted
  • [  ] Re-explore a liquid diet =(

2 responses to “Weekly review: Week ending February 21, 2010”

  1. Cate says:

    You’re going to the UK! Exciting :-)

    When I had my wisdom teeth out, I was on ensure protein shakes. The chocolate isn’t bad. But having them out was really awful. I hope you have a better dentist than I did and it goes OK!

  2. Jeune says:

    At the risk of being called stupid I want to say I learned something from you today when it comes to making to do lists (sigh). :D

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