Weekly review: Week ending February 7, 2010


  • [/] Revise wiki structure
  • [X] Follow up on lessons learned
  • Also: Coordinated regarding logo
  • Explored archetype analysis spreadsheet – understand it better now
  • Created archetype presentation for an upcoming workshop
  • Created Idea Lab for another upcoming workshop
  • Documented Idea Lab preparation
  • Set up community for industry maestros
  • Gave a new team member the overview of how information was organized; documented this for the team
  • Posted follow-up/analysis of  backchannel conversation from microblogging talk
  • Had fun documenting things right before people needed them ;)
  • Signed up for the Art of Marketing seminar


  • [X] Book wedding chambers
  • [X] Try out restaurants – looked at 12 restaurants!
  • [/] Book reception
  • [/] Look for photographers / videographers – decided against wedding photography package, will go for family portraits instead
  • [/] Look for cheongsam (there’s a nice one for $75, but it’s probably available for cheaper)  – may opt for simple red dress or brocade jacket
  • [  ] Start collecting guest addresses – will go for small wedding instead
  • [  ] Send care package
  • [  ] Plan February tea party
  • [  ] Send thank-you notes
  • Also: Met up with Quinn while she was in town
  • Helped J- with her homework
  • Chatted with Jeff Widman about business, life, virtual assistance
  • Ordered book for mom


  • [  ] Group Siargao pictures into a story
  • [/] Plan crafts
  • Also: Had regular eye checkup, ordered glasses
  • Made orange marmalade
  • Sewed a number of zippered pouches
  • Made a little felt case for my iPod
  • Bought two pairs of jeans (it’s about time…)
  • Read lots of books
  • Stocked up on zippers and cloth

The week went by so quickly. I postponed a number of items on my task list so that I didn’t go crazy trying to fit everything in. At work, I prioritized supporting upcoming engagements and improving our process documentation. One of our new team members was impressed by the way we’d written down lots of stuff – hooray. Outside work, I focused on planning the wedding and on exploring crafts.



  • [  ] Support upcoming workshops by setting up Idea Labs and doing archetype presentations
  • [  ] Braindump more of what I know at work
  • [  ] Organize teleconference for people working in my neighborhood
  • [  ] Give “Shy Connector” presentation to WITI audience


  • [  ] Try another restaurant
  • [  ] Check out portrait photographers
  • [  ] Hand-write invitations and include in care package


  • [  ] Sew more zippered pouches
  • [  ] Sew wrap-around zippered pouch
  • [  ] Work on Siargao scrapbook, really
  • [  ] Send invitations for February tea party (end of month-ish?)

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