This winter feels a lot milder and happier than the others I’ve been through.

A large part of that comes from being able to work at home. I like being able to opt out of snowstorms.

Fleece bathrobes, fleece sheets, fuzzy socks, fuzzy slippers, gloves, handwarmers, apple pie, warm milk… Things might not give you happiness, but they can certainly help.

Cats and their quest for warmth.

Cooking, baking, preserving, sewing, writing, drawing — hobbies for those indoor days.


So maybe it wasn’t seasonal affective disorder after all, just the need to adapt.

  • Last winter was my second in Canada, but my first as a student (the one before I was skiing). In the fall, Canadians kept bringing up the cold but I thought I knew what it was like. Then winter came, and I realized living in the cold was different from skiing in the cold. And the buses went on strike.

    I was so miserable.

    This winter has been better for me too – I’m not sure why, exactly. I’m skiing more, and as a result of the buses running and having a car I feel less trapped – even if I don’t use either of them much. Maybe it’s the comparison, because winter in the UK has been brutal, or just being more settled because I don’t have this feeling that it would be easy for me to be living somewhere else instead.

    Anyway, winter in Canada takes some getting used to! I’m glad you’re finding it easier, too.