Even more awesome LotusScript mail merge for Lotus Notes + Microsoft Excel

UPDATE: May 20, 2011 – David Turner has shared his excellent improvements. Check them out!

UPDATE: May 28, 2010 – fixed errors caused by default Option Declare. Thanks to Lisa Harnett for the feedback!
UPDATE: Oct 19, 2010 – fixed Quit(). Thanks to Vance for the feedback! Also, clarified tokens.

Based on the feedback on my Lotus Notes mail merge from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet (2009), I’ve refined my merge script to make it more awesome. How is it more awesome?

  • Prompts you for drafting or sending
  • Saves sent messages
  • Allows you to customize the subject
  • Uses [ ] instead of < and > for built-in tokens ([to], [cc], [subject]) for less HTML confusion in blog posts and replies
  • Displays number of sent messages and errors
  • Closes the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet afterwards

The search-and-replace tokens are defined in the first row of your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The script searches for them in the message body, replaces them with the appropriate values from the current row, and either saves the message as the draft or sends the message. There are a few built-in tokens for this script ([to], [cc], [subject]) – these are case-sensitive, so enter them exactly like that. All the other tokens are up to you, so you could use FOO and BAR as search-and-replace tokens if you want.

Tokens are replaced only in the message body. If you want a variable subject line, use a formula to calculate the subject in a column with the [subject] header.

As always, test your mail merges with a small list before using it for your entire list. Create an agent and call it something like “Mail merge”. Edit the agent and set the type to LotusScript. In the (Declarations) section, add

%Include "lsconst.lss"

In the “Initialize” section, put in:

Sub Initialize
	'Mail merge script by Sacha Chua ([email protected])

	Dim ws As NotesUIWorkspace
	Set ws = New NotesUIWorkspace
	Dim sendTypes(1) As String
	Dim sendValue As String
	Dim errorCount As Integer
	errorCount = 0
	sendTypes(0) = "Draft messages without sending"
	sendTypes(1) = "Send messages"
	sendValue = ws.Prompt(PROMPT_OKCANCELLIST, "Sending options", "What would you like to do?", "", sendTypes)
	If (sendValue = "") Then
		Exit Sub
	End If

	Dim fileName As String
	Dim strXLFilename As String
	'Prompt for the filename - should be a Microsoft Excel file with columns, where the first row of each column
	'is a token that will be used when replacing text in the body of the message
	'Special tokens: [to], [cc], [subject] set the appropriate fields
	'Make sure the first column does not have any blank cells
	fileName$ = ws.Prompt(12, "Select file", "3")
	If fileName$ = "" Then
		Exit Sub   'Cancel was pressed
	End If
	strXLFilename = fileName$
	Dim s As New NotesSession
	Dim uidoc As NotesUIDocument
	Dim partno As String
	Dim db As NotesDatabase
	Dim view As NotesView
	Dim doc As NotesDocument
	Dim collection As NotesDocumentCollection
	Dim memo As NotesDocument
	Dim body As NotesRichTextItem
	Dim newBody As NotesRichTextItem
	Dim range As NotesRichTextRange
	Dim count As Integer

	Set db = s.CurrentDatabase
	Set collection = db.UnprocessedDocuments
	Set memo = collection.getFirstDocument()

	Dim varXLFile As variant
	'Get data from the spreadsheet
	Set varXLFile = CreateObject("Excel.Application")
	varXLFile.Visible = False
	Dim varXLWorkbook As variant
	Set varXLWorkbook = Nothing
	varXLFile.Workbooks.Open strXLFilename
	Set varXLWorkbook = varXLFile.ActiveWorkbook
	Dim varXLSheet As variant
	Set varXLSheet = varXLWorkbook.ActiveSheet

	Dim lngRow As Integer
	Dim columnNo As Integer
	Dim token As String
	Dim value As string
	lngRow = 2
	Dim maildoc As NotesDocument
	While (Not (varXLSheet.Cells(lngRow, 1).Value = ""))
		'Fill in the template
		Dim subject As string
		subject = memo.Subject(0)
		Set body = memo.GetFirstItem("Body")

		'Compose message
		Set maildoc = New NotesDocument(db)
		Set maildoc= db.CreateDocument()
		maildoc.Form = "Memo"
		maildoc.Subject = subject
		Set newBody = maildoc.CreateRichTextItem("Body")
		Call newBody.appendRTItem(body)
		Set range = newBody.CreateRange			

		'Count the number of fields
		'Look up tokens from the column headings and replace them
		columnNo = 1
		While Not(varXLSheet.Cells(1, columnNo).Value = "")
			token = varXLSheet.Cells(1, columnNo).Value
			value = varXLSheet.Cells(lngRow, columnNo).Value
			count = range.FindAndReplace(token, value, 16)
			If (token = "[to]") Then
				maildoc.SendTo = value
			End If
			If (token = "[cc]") Then
				maildoc.CopyTo = value
			End If
			If (token = "[subject]") Then
				maildoc.Subject = value
			End If
			columnNo = columnNo + 1
		On Error GoTo save
		If (sendValue = sendTypes(0)) Then
			Call maildoc.Save(True, False)
			maildoc.SaveMessageOnSend = True
			maildoc.PostedDate = Now()
			Call maildoc.Send(False)
			Call maildoc.Save(True, True)
		End If
		GoTo nextrow
		MessageBox("Error processing " + maildoc.sendTo)
		errorCount = errorCount + 1
		Resume Next
		lngRow = lngRow + 1
	If (sendValue = sendTypes(0)) Then
		MsgBox "Drafted " & (lngRow - errorCount - 2) & " message(s). Errors: " & errorCount
		MsgBox "Sent " & (lngRow - errorCount - 2) & " message(s). Errors: " & errorCount
	End If
	Call varXLFile.Quit()
End Sub

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  • Claude

    This is very cool. You should consider posting to openntf.org.

  • Hi Sasha,

    Thank you for providing your script to perform a mail merge between Excel 2002 and Lotus Notes. I have somehow, through blind luck and good fortune managed to follow your instructions most of the way through, however, it is not putting the To field in.

    Any tips? I’ve tried putting To and [To] in the relevant field in the saved email draft, also renamed the column in Excel to “To” and “[To]”.



  • Don’t worry – it’s all sorted …

  • Yusuf

    Hi Sasha,

    I created a mail template like you said, but with some formatting.

    When I run the agent however, the formatting is lost. Is there anything that can be done to preserve the formatting, or am I just doomed to using blank and ugly text?

    Thanks in advance,



  • Yusuf: It should keep the formatting in the original message (bold, italics, etc.), but it ignores any formatting in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Make sure that when you format the text, the entire field token (ex: [message], if that’s your column header) is formatted the same way.

  • Yusuf

    Sasha, the formatting I’m talking about is in fact the one from Lotus.

    Let me try again:

    1. I’ve created a memo in Lotus, with a message that is to be the same for all my recipients. I have formatted this very memo in the way I want it to appear, with my fancy signature and all.

    2. I create an Excel file in which I put addresses in one column for which I put [to] as header and nothing else, since I don’t need any other field.

    3. When I run the agent, I get to choose the Excel file all right.

    4. Memos are created for all the addresses, but without the formatting I originally put in my memo :(.

    So now, when you’re talking about the field token, which I supposed was in the Excel file, it does not really apply to my case, right? Or have I misunderstood something?

    Thanks very much for your comprehension,


  • Hmm, works for me. Might be a Lotus Notes version difference? I’m on 8.5.2. Perhaps you could try the older version of my script? http://sachachua.com/wp/2009/07/lotus-notes-mail-merge-from-a-microsoft-excel-spreadsheet/

  • Yusuf

    Ah, right; I’m using version 7.0.

    Anyway, we were able to find another workaround (using Outlook instead), but I did learn many things about Lotus Notes when I did my research on this!!

    Thanks for your help,


  • Jamie

    Hi, how do I put the email address into the ‘To’ field?

  • Jamie

    It’s ok, I got it all sorted out.

  • Meg

    Hi Sacha:

    This appears to try to work but when I go to import the emails from the Excel file, I get a Lotus Notes error box that says, “Type Mismatch in method CheckOperand: Unknown found, Unknown Expected”

    I’m on Lotus 8.5. I tried your old script which did not work at all.

    Any ideas? TIA

  • Hmm, at that point I’d probably try debugging the LotusScript and stepping through it to see which line fails…

  • Meg

    I did run the debugger. I got no errors, but in using the script it does the following:

    It will create draft messages and tell me X messages created and Y errors (which is correct) and save them into the draft folder. However, the ‘to’ address is not populated and hitting ‘send’ gives me the error (correctly) that there is no addressee.

    If I choose “send’ rather than draft, it gives me the mismatch checkoperand error window. So it appears is is not reading the Excel file correctly, even though it asks to open it.

    I hate Lotus…

  • Ah. At that point, I’d probably doublecheck the Excel file to make sure you’re using [to] (lowercase) instead of [To] (uppercase), and that’s with this new version here. (It’s <to> in the old version, I think.)

  • Meg

    That was exactly the problem!

    Thanks so much for your patience and your suggestions.

    I work in marketing and the ability to email our database was critical! Somebody at IBM ought to pay attention to how people use emails!

  • You’re welcome. I’m delighted that it works for you! I’ve heard from people in HR and other areas, too. Definitely a feature that should be built into the system. =)

  • mo

    how do you hook the agent up with the email?

  • mo

    how do you hook the agent up with the email I have saved as a draft? I have the addresses in an excel file and I want to fill the names into the email. thanks.

  • Have one row per address, and use [to] as the first line in the spreadsheet.

  • mo

    Yes, thank you. I understand the excel side of this and the agent seems to be accessing the excel file ok.

    I am ignorant, however, on the selection of the email message itself. I have an email in the Drafts folder that is the one I want to use for this project. How do I get it connected with this agent?

    I see posts about a memo template. Could you direct me to how this is created and then linked with this agent?

    Thanks very much for any and all help.

  • Click on the message to select it. Then use Actions > (your agent) to run your mail-merge agent. It uses the currently-selected message as a template, no need to create stationery. =)

  • mo

    This was exactly what I needed.
    It works wonderfully! Far Out! How cool is this. Thank you so much.
    Best of luck to you.

    PS congrats on upcoming marriage.

  • mo

    One more thing. Sorry to be demanding :)

    Is there a token to change whom the email is from by chance?

  • I’m delighted to hear that it works for you! =)

    I haven’t looked into changing the To header yet, and I’m not sure if you can do that with Lotus Notes. I suppose you could add a “Sent on behalf of _____” or teach someone else to run the script if needed…

    p.s.: Thanks! =D

  • mo

    Hello. I love this subroutine to automate mail merge into emails. Thank you.
    I am stuck however in one place.
    I cannot get a value from my spreadsheet for the subject token.
    My subject comes up blank in the email rather than reading a value from the spreadsheet.
    Any idea why this is happening? I do have the token heading matching what is in the script.


  • mo

    Never mind my last post about subject! It was my error. I had a blank column in before the [subject] column in the xls Thank goodness for debuggers to point out the obvious when I am blind. Take care. Good luck always.

  • I’m delighted it worked out! Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Ang


    I placed multiple email addresses in one [To] cell (e.g. [email protected], [email protected]) and my rich text email became plain text with embeded images. Can anyone help resolve this?


  • Sarah

    Hi Sacha,

    I have a need to enter multiple email addresses in the cc line, and they are in separate columns in my Excel sheet. Do you have any suggestions on doing this using your mail merge tool?

    Thank you,

  • Make an Excel column that concatenates the other columns together, perhaps?

  • Daniel Ellis

    Hi Sacha,

    I love your script, and it is mostly working, but I am having one issue.

    I have three different people using this script, including myself, and it works fine for drafts on all 3 machines, but one of the machines is unable to send the messages, while the other two have no issues.

    I am getting a type mismatch checkoperand error. It seems to be going to the error when I get to Call maildoc.Send(False).

    Any ideas?

  • Mark

    Hi Sacha,

    I’ve got your script working on LotusNotes v8.5.1 and Excel 2007 with only one small issue causing concern… the script does not terminate the instance of Excel when it is complete. After running several trials of the script I noticed that I had multiple Excel.exe in the Task Manager. The number of instances grows with each use of the script.

    What do you suggest?


  • Mark,
    I had the same problem.
    Near the end of the code.
    Call varXLFile.Quit should be Call varXLFile.Quit()


    I am trying to use this great agent, but when I send to users that only are on Yahoo mail, Plain Text or HTML, they get only plain text. When I use the draft, it formats OK, but if I use the send option the message becomes plain text. The draft memo I am starting from was created as HTML from our marketing dept.

    I have tried to modify your code to support html, but without success.
    Any ideas?

  • Vance, thanks for sharing the fix! I’m not sure how to work around the richtext/HTML problem with Yahoo mail, but I’d probably try to debug it with the following sequence:
    – Use Lotus Notes to mail the HTML memo to the Yahoo mail address, to see if it’s a Lotus Notes problem. If it’s okay,
    – Copy the message body from the draft into a new message and mail that to the Yahoo mail address, to see if it’s a problem with the way the message is drafted. If that’s okay,
    – Use the draft option, then send it from the Draft folder, to see if it’s a problem with the send option.

    There’s a passThruHTML property in LotusScript, but I’m not sure if that’s useful here… Might need more of an expert than I am! =)

  • Victor

    Thank you so much for posting this. I was trying to develop a simple database for tracking and mailing at my work but frustration with our version of Notes not allowing import of excel spreadsheets finally turned me to the internet. Your solution is brilliant, simple and elegant and does just what I need. I appreciate so much your work and willingness to share. Saved me a lot of time and headache.
    And I’ve enjoyed the rest of your blog as well. Keep it up. :-)
    Thanks again.

  • Victor: I’m delighted it works for you! =) You can pay it forward by sharing it or another technique with other people. Have fun!

  • Katherine

    I am having a problem with replacing text in the message. Can you off any assistance with adding a personalized saluation in the message. You said something about tokens and using FOO and BAR, but that makes no sense to me. Thank you so much for posting all this stuff. I can’t believe LotusNotes doesn’t have this as an automatic agent.

  • Katherine: Could you check out Eric Weinberg’s tutorial and see if that helps?

  • Frank L.

    Great information I can really use this in my job. Keep up the good work. I am following on Twitter.

    • I’m glad you found that mail merge script useful! Thanks for sharing and for reading. =)

  • Rony
  • Patrick

    Thank you for making the script. It worked like a magic. Just a little thought, is it difficult to make different attachments for different recipient?

    PS: Your captcha is very difficult to read… :)

  • Kari

    Hi Sacha, I’m trying to do a mail merge from Excel into Lotus 8.5.10 and following your blog, script, and the tutoral from Eric, when I create an Agent, Lotus immediately brings up the fields to place the information in, but does not allow me to Save the Agent. When I close out, I’m prompted to Save or Delete, but then I don’t know where it saved. At the final step, Create Mail Merge, I do not have a Mail Merge option under my Create menu. Is there something additional I need installed for this to be available? Thank you for your quick response. I’m looking to merge 350 emails by Friday to distribute.

  • Kari

    Actually, I just figured it out after reading the older post/version from other comments. I still cannot figure out how to save the Agent when created, mine shows as Untitled. Under actions I can select Untitled and it worked perfectly!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Paul M

    Thanks Sacha! – This script worked great for me and saved me a ton of time. Personalized and customized emails are the way to go for me from now on. Should definitely be a standard built into notes.

  • Hey!
    Ran into your wonderful Lotus mail merge script this week on the internet and it has completely made my life so much easier. :)

    I wanted to ask you if there was an easy wayt to format the body of the email and have it pull fields such as name, company, greeting, title etc?

    I’m no a coder so I was a little hesitant to try and figure it out myself, but with some pointers I’m totally game!

    Let me know!


  • Rahaf: It should pick up most of the formatting from the Lotus Note you’re using to draft the message, and the field replacements are defined by whatever you have in the first row of the spreadsheet. For example, if you had Dear [firstname], in your draft message, [firstname] in the first row of your mail merge spreadsheet, and Joe in the corresponding row for your data, it would send a message with Dear Joe,. Test by using draft more or sending a few messages to yourself. Good luck!

  • EnglishmaninNewYork


    This has made my day.

    One question, I have access to multiple mailboxes and I have associated the agent with two of them (my personal one and another). What I’d like to do is send the e-mails from the other mailbox but when I do this the messages appear to come from my personal address even though they are stored in my other mailbox.

    Is there a way to change that?

  • Hi Sasha,
    many thanks for the code.

    I found here:

    That the CreateObject does not work in Mac, do you any workaround? Maybe using Symphony?


  • Pete

    Simply Awesome!!
    Thanks a million.

  • AKW

    Hi sacha,

    thanks for the great script. i;ve been using it for over a year, but recently when i used it again, i had some issues. when i sent the mails to non-lotus notes uses, pictures in draft email template do no show up. instead users get messages like this:

    (Embedded image moved to file:

    do you know what’s causing the error?

  • Varun Malik

    This is great – thank you!

  • Hi All,

    FYI I’ve just released v1.2 of the Mail Merge script on OpenNTF which includes the ability to embed dynamic attachments. Let me know what you think, and feel free to leave any other feature requests!

    – Dave :)

  • CoolDude

    This is one of the coolest things I have seen ! Has made my job much simpler. !!
    Can’t thank you enough !

  • Kent

    thanks ! Worked great for us … nice script

  • Tine

    Great script!
    I have only one question: if I choose “return receipt” in draft the agent doesn’t include this in later e-mails.
    Can this be fixed somehow (we always send mails with return receipt)?

  • I’m not sure how, but you might be able to modify the script to do so. Good luck! =)

  • Thanks for the suggestion. This should be straightforward. Curiously, this issue also occurs with OpenNTF project release 1.3, so I’ve created a feature request. Look out for this enhancement in the next release.

  • Tine, I have implemented your request in the latest release 1.3.1.

    All Delivery Options I could find — including: Return Receipt, Reply To, Reply Date, High Importance — will now be copied from the email template to the generated emails.

    Let me know if you encounter any problems with this new function!

    – David :)

  • peter


    I also get this error message when I use the send option:
    Type Mismatch in method CheckOperand: Unknown found, Unknown Expected

    I have a list with 20 names and it does send 1 to 3 messages before popping the error and then it does not close the excel file.

    When using the ‘draft’ options it says that it has created X drafts with no errors. The drafts appear correct with the ‘to’ field correctly inserted and when I press send in the created draft is sends the message with no errors.

    …any suggestions?

  • Hi Peter, there is probably something funny about the data on row 2 or 3 of your spreadsheet.
    I would recommend you try the latest v1.3.1 of this script on OpenNTF.org. It includes improved error handling — identifying row, line numbers and fields being processed when the error occurred — which will help diagnose the problem!

  • Katrien

    Thanks for this script, it works very good.

    I have one more question. We would like to add a button or something like that with a link. If you click on it, it will take you to an online form. In this link we have added some fields. We want one of these fields to be filled in already with the email address when someone clicks on the link. For this we want to use the token [to] (e.g. http://www.test.com/test/field123=%5Bto%5D). If we just use the link in the email body it works, because when the mail is sent, the email address will be filled in immediately (ex. [to]). But we don’t want to put the link in the email body (it doesn’t look nice, people can see their email address in the link), we want to hide it behind a button or something like that (a hotspot). Do you have any idea how we can fix this? Because when I use the link as a hotspot it fills in [to] instead of the email address.

  • Hi Katrien,

    Thanks for the query. I’ve been looking into ways of getting a Notes Hotspot or Button or Embedded Image into the generated emails.

    My research (and trial and error) suggests that for all versions at least up to Notes 8.5.3, is NOT possible to achieve this in ordinary LotusScript (no native functions for these elements exist, and AppendRTItem behaviour is restrictive). Therefore, barring hacking into Notes using DLL extensions, the solution will probably involve re-writing this agent to use Notes DXL manipulation.
    I’ll add this as a feature request on the OpenNTF project and think about this as a major v1.5 enhancement.

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  • Martin

    Sacha, it’s awesome, thank you! I’ve been looking for a solution for long time and all which I found were too complicated for me :) This one is pretty straight forward even for basic LN user as me :)

    Anyway, I have a question / problem:
    I’ve created a stationary, which I am using when drafting the mails. In the stationary I’ve set the “reply-to” address to the specific one. However when merging the mails the reply to address is not kept on the created mail drafts..

    PS: I am using LN v 8.5.2

    Any thoughts?

  • Martin: Good luck! I don’t have access to Lotus Notes any more (the perks of working on my own! =) ), but maybe you can give David’s script a try (see the link at the beginning of the post). Alternatively, you could add a little bit of code to set the ReplyTo yourself. Hope that helps!

  • Martin

    Sacha: did try that and failed (I didn’t manage to install it – as I said I am Lama at LN and don’t have the Domino Designer..). I’ll keep looking around for solutions, thanks!

  • Andrew

    Sacha, David, I across your blog and then the download at http://www.openntf.org
    The mailmerge function works great. Thanks for the post and then following it up. Also the documentation was very useful.

  • Salim Kadiri

    How do I attach files while sending the Mail using your Mail merge option..
    Also please can u tell the format on the execl file in which I have to create a list of Id to whom I have send the mails..


  • Paul

    Thanks for the great script. I would like to use symphony instead of Excel. What would it take to convert the script to work with symphony??

  • Probably figuring out how to talk to Symphony, or parsing a CSV. =) I don’t have Lotus Notes any more, but maybe other people can help!

  • Paul

    I found this in developerWorks


    I not into Lotus scripting. Can you help me in figuring out what needs to be replaced with the Symphony toolkit in your script??

  • Hi Paul,

    There is an open feature request for CSV/OpenOffice/Symphony support on the OpenNTF MailMerge project (click my name above or the link at top of Sacha’s page).

    While you’re not into Lotus scripting, I am afraid you’ll have to get into it (or find a developer who is) to make this work for you as I don’t run Symphony myself.

    However, to help you make a start, have a look under that feature request for some implementation notes I’ve just added. Hope that helps.

    Good luck and enjoy! :)

  • Salim Kadiri

    Dear Sacha..

    Thanks once again for the Mail merge script but still me query for doing the mail merge with attaching files in not resolved.

    I have a number of senders and a different file need to be attached to the respective mails. How to do …

    Mr Paul.. while using the mail symphone the subject becomes the attachment..

  • Paul

    Thanks Dave, I’ll see if I can do a work around and get this working.

  • Salim, Attachment support was added in v1.2. Please review the OpenNTF project documentation and download the User Guide for the answers to this and your other questions.

  • Salim Kadiri

    Dear David

    Thanks for ur support, but requesting you to kindly update the link in your revert as I m not able to get the same from your update….

    Dear Sacha, Paul & David,
    THANK U All once again, I have managed to run the macro sucessfully but the only error is the attachment of file to its respective sender. Hope you all understand my query…

  • Berni

    Great script
    What code would be required to automatically select one particular stationery?

  • AJ

    Dear Sacha,

    Great Script. Thanks a ton.

    It is specially good for those who do not have the Domino Designer installed.


  • Glad it was helpful!

  • Nick

    Is there a way to include images as part of the merge?  For example, within the Excel file you’d have [NAME] is John and a corresponding image file named John.jpg.  Is there a way to have the script pull the relevant information from the Excel file and then have it pull the image file that matches the [NAME] in the Excel file?

    Many thanks!

  • David Turner

    Hi All,

    FYI, MailMerge v1.4 has today been released on OpenNTF.

    This latest release includes a few changes thanks to your feedback.
    – Enhancements: MIME formatting, multiple-recipients, new-lines, worksheet name.
    – Fixes: batch numbers, forwarding.
    Please review the project homepage, installation and usage guide for more information.

    Please provide any further features or advise any defects on the OpenNTF project!

    • Dom

      Hi – I tried to register at OpenNTF to leave these remarks but my Company’s internet blocking software seemed to interfere.
      Firstly thank to David and Sacha originally for a really excellent idea which is simple to integrate into Notes Mail without having to mess with anything existing.
      You asked for feedback and ideas so there were three things that our Mail Admins and other Developers asked me to add.
      1. Configurable limit on number of emails you can send in one go (spamming concerns) – simply defined a constant and checked it on the sending agents.
      2. Configurable limit on mail (attachment) size (mail quota concerns) – simply defined a constant and checked it on the sending agents.
      3. Check the current Uiview to ensure the user is in the Drafts View – seems obvious that they would be but testers fell over at this hurdle. This code went in the Create Agent.

  • Dom

    Sorry correction for point 2 – I implemented the size check on mail create not send – doh!

  • Faux Restes

    Thanks for this useful piece of code Sacha.
    And thanks David for improving it.

  • Andras

    Thanks a lot for this awesome script.

  • Sargam

    Lovely!! Thanks a ton for this article.
    I was struggling to perform a mail merge since so long… this is really simple and works without any errors… Thanks again!!!

  • Roy

    This is Awesome! Tried and succeeded with the outcome I’m after. Really appreciate it.

    • Glad that worked out!

  • nice share
    thanks for information