I want to learn how to make drawings/videos like this

How do I get there? Hmm. I know how to do simple timelapse videos. I can figure out lighting. I need to get the hang of drawing and cartooning. Hmm…

  • Fun thing is that Dan Pink, in his book A whole new mind, talks about learning to draw as a method of becoming more right-brain.

    And yes, I would like to be able to draw like that. Not for artistic purposes, but mostly for illustrating things I make. I don’t get beyond badly drawn stick figures… (like http://prezi.com/zj-rienxx2-f/ )

  • This is great Sacha!

    Figures/drawings really paint a thousand words. Learning would be sooo much fun with presentations like that.

  • Victor Calvert

    If you can find a copy of Thinking With a Pencil (by Henning Nelms), it’s a pretty good book, but out of print. I’ve got a copy sitting around somewhere, but haven’t really had the time to invest in it lately.

    Most of it is how to hand-draw informational graphics of various types; similar to Edward Tufte’s work, but more ‘I’ve got a pencil and some paper’ off-the-cuff discussions than for prepared presentations or publication; what I do remember of it is quite useful, and I didn’t do much more than skim through it once.

  • It’s in the Toronto Reference Library stacks. Will request it next time I’m nearby! =)