The fruits and chairs of our labour

W- and I have graduated to making furniture. =)

From Starred Photos

He finished his chair this weekend. It’s awesome! I’m working on a chair of my own (below):

From Starred Photos

In other news, gardening rocks.

From Starred Photos

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  • Wow! Great job! Amazing.. :)

  • Jonathan Young

    Wow – and I spent all day Sunday working on building my custom wood shed (not as pretty as the chair)

    • We’re going to work on a shed next summer or so, I think – not quite enough time left this year, what with our other plans. =) Cool stuff! Any special features for your shed?

  • Whoa this just made my jaw drop. You guys are amazing! I love your strawberries too!

  • Waa~ So awesome! And those strawberries! (≧▽≦)

  • Thank you, Patricia and Nicole! I’m surprised at how well everything’s turning out. We had snow peas and sugar peas from the garden with our dinner today, and it’s much easier and more manageable than buying groceries.

    I wish I’d gotten into gardening when I was still in the Philippines. Being able to grow things year-round would be awesome. =)

  • Have you heard of AeroGarden? A friend of mine had one and it seems to work really well. Depending on what sort of things you’d like to most have access to year round, perhaps that (or similar) may be useful?

  • I thought about that, but it didn’t seem cost-effective. Buying herbs from the supermarket when we want to cook with them seems to be enough for us. Winter is a good time to cook in bulk, too, so the extra herbs don’t go to waste. Thanks for the suggestion!

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