Weekly review: week ending May 30, 2010

From last week’s plans:


  • [X] Talk to people about expertise location and other new tools
  • [X] Talk to Lynne Waymon about networking
  • [-] Present “Remote Presentations That Rock” again on Friday? Postponed
  • [-] Update Idea Lab guide
  • [X] Add more to Lotus Connections API library – create/retrieve/update/delete discussion forum posts, blog posts, etc.
  • [X] Catch up on other initiatives
  • Set up mentoring meetings


  • [-] Plan and build Adirondack chairs – bought plan and parts
  • [X] Post pictures of projects
  • [  ] Batch-cook this weekend: ground beef, chicken, etc. – went to Rails BBQ instead
  • Attended Rails Pub Nite BBQ and caught up with old friends. Spent time with other twenty-somethings.
  • Harvested lots of lettuce for salad
  • Checked out 30 books on woodworking from the library. Librarian was awed.
  • Raided Lee Valley Tools for cool stuff
  • Learned how to use a router for woodworking
  • Built a cut-open box
  • [X] Check out photographers
  • Had great chat with my mom regarding family stories
  • Drafted letter of invitation – need this notarized
  • Thought about party plans
  • Mapped out influences, started working on stories


  • [X] Install soaker hose irrigation system for back box and street-facing garden
  • [-] Make a Moleskine cover for myself; create other items
  • [  ] Set up my new webserver
  • Planted basil
  • Moved more money into investments

Plans for next week


  • [  ] Facilitate Jam
  • [  ] Talk to intern about GBS
  • [  ] Keep up with related initiatives
  • [  ] Update Idea Lab guide
  • [  ] Prepare presentation on Idea Lab process for BlueIQ
  • [  ] Provide feedback on project management presentation


  • [  ] Catch up with Maira Bay de Souza and Leigh Honeywell at hacklab.to
  • [  ] Work out cleaning schedule and possible maid service
  • [  ] Get letter of invitation notarized and sent home
  • [  ] Book a photographer
  • [  ] Batch-cook
  • [  ] Write stories for influence map
  • [  ] Build box with floating bottom and sliding top


  • [  ] Sew notebook covers and pouches
  • [  ] Set up new webserver
  • Victor Calvert

    Lee Valley is a great place to buy stuff. I don’t remember how I ran across them, but they have bound books for $20 (USD), which is a lot cheaper than most places (i.e. office stores), and the quality is comparable to ones I’ve seen for twice the price or more.

    I haven’t really bought much more from them, but we have lots of tools in the family already, and unless I want to use power tools, we probably have something that will do just about anything I might need. They do have a lot of really neat things, but usually it’s possible to make something that serves the same purpose and is less expensive.

    • I’m so lucky W-‘s into this too, or I’d have to build up my tool collection all by myself. =)

  • “Checked out 30 books on woodworking from the library. Librarian was awed” – :o))0

  • Apparently, he had never seen someone check out so many books before.

    One of the librarians at the Lilian H. Smith branch has, though. I had 40+ holds waiting for me a few days after I discovered the joys of requesting books online.

    All this is much easier now that I have a Perl script that can run through a list of selected search results and place holds on the books. >=)