Garden riches

One of the first things J- did when she woke up this morning was to pick fresh vegetables from the garden. She came in with a bowl of sugar peas, green beans, and cherry tomatoes, all plump and perfect.

The tomatoes have hit their stride and are ripening at a rate of 3-4 tomatoes or so a day, which is just right for snacking. The peas are starting to wind down, and it’s about time to start a second crop. I should harvest the cilantro seeds and start those again, too. Some volunteer zucchini has snuck into my garden by way of the compost.

Pesto is on my cooking plan this weekend: different kinds of basil, garlic scapes, mmm…

Ah, the garden. Have kings and queens ever eaten as well as this?

  • You are to be envied! Your garden seems amazing. I like snacking on tomatoes too, but the big tomato kind, not cherry tomatoes.

  • We grew medium-sized tomatoes last year, but they took forever to ripen and the squirrels often got to them first. =)

    Picked 13 cherry tomatoes today. Mmm…

  • Hmmm… stewed squirrels perhaps?

  • You know, the Joy of Cooking has recipes for game… ;)

  • Francisco Arevalo

    I was just reading about… own garden veggies beat that by miles! (ha! captcha is “unique”)