Weekly review: Week ending July 26, 2010

SCHEDULED: 2010-07-27 Tue 08:00

From last week’s plans:


  • [X] Launch idea lab
  • [-] Launch expertise location pilot and invite SMEs – sent note, drafted SME note
  • [X] Follow up with experts
  • [X] Set up my Lotus Notes development environment – Whee!


  • [X] Sort out wedding plans: re-check assumptions, constraints? – October 2?
  • [-] Share cheesecake with friends: Finished before anyone could come over.
  • [-] Help work on chair: postponed due to humidity
  • Helped Maira learn more about cooking. Looked into how to make alfredo sauce from scratch – should be easy!
  • Mended the laundry basket (yay sewing!)
  • Made pesto, mmmm
  • Filled the freezer with individual portions of food. Must be getting the hang of it, as I don’t remember spending lots of time in the kitchen, just having lots of fun. =)
  • Planted more peas


  • [-] Buy my own ukulele tuner: Don’t need it for now
  • [X] Collect and try out more songs: Getting pretty good at this! =)
  • [X] Sew more tops and accessories: Got lots of practice, although knits are still a challenge
  • Decluttered: donated a few bags of old clothes, houseware items
  • Bought a few tops from Value Village, am happy with finds

Plans for next week:


  • [X] Support upcoming workshops
  • [X] Re-use Idea Lab results
  • [X] Launch expertise pilot with SMEs
  • [X] Explore possible expertise specialist position
  • [X] Add features to community toolkit plugin


  • [X] Experiment with more recipes (instead of hiring cooking teacher? More sustainable, and we’ve got the basics sorted out already)
  • [X] Reflect on happiness with a friend, co-writing a blog entry
  • [X] Follow up with people from tweetup, learning about them and their interests
  • [X] Coordinate with family on new date


  • [X] Organize everything into neat zippered pouches, etc.
  • [X] Declutter: Eliminate one thing a day
  • [X] Sign up for singing lessons
  • [X] Take advantage of free studio time at the Sewing Studio (Sunday, 2pm to 6pm – get all of my cutting and serging and sewing done, and get some exercise on the way there and back too)

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  1. Nelboy Simon says:

    hay Mis Sachachua I ‘am from Philippines. Can u teach me how to make to a perfect blogsite or HTML.

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