Weekly review: Week ending July 4, 2010

We had a four-day weekend thanks to Canada Day, and boy, did we ever make use of it. The three big things were lots of parking practice, lots of canning (95 bottles of jam on the wall, 95 bottles of jam! – well, technically, a few bottles had apricot syrup), and a new hobby: playing the ukulele.

And because it’s important to be comfortable with mediocrity on the way to competence:

From last week’s plans:


  • [X] Bike to work on sunny days
  • Worked on expertise locator project
  • Prepared posters for upcoming meeting


  • [-] Drop off marriage licence application  – filled out, still need to drop it off
  • [X] Blog more stories
  • [-] Fix jacket for tea ceremony – started working on this
  • [-] Start on storage bench project  – measured
  • [X] Pick out swatches for my chair
  • Made lots of preserves for gifts/entertaining


  • [X] Do research for tablet?
  • [X] Draw, draw, draw
  • Sewed a slip – comfy
  • Picked up Lego Harry Potter for the PSP – pretty good
  • Used the compost in the garden. Hooray!

Plans for next week:


  • [  ] Finalize posters
  • [  ] Revise expertise locator note
  • [  ] Talk to manager in Lotus (IBM)


Having realized that I should trust people more to make their own decisions and that when I invite people, I’m not imposing on them, I think I’ll organize more get-togethers. =) I used to do this back home, too. I like doing things together more than just hanging out, so if I put some thought into it, I can experience new things and help friends experience things too. Besides, there are a number of new friends in Toronto and a number of people getting the hang of grown-up life, so it’s practically my duty to help people try things out. =)  So I’m planning to be more intentional about looking for opportunities and events, and we’ll figure out some way to organize get-togethers.

  • [  ] Host tea party on Saturday – Just canned blueberry jam, kiwi jam, and apricot syrup. Perfect excuse to make biscuits and banana bread. Also good time to raid the garden for a pea shoot and nasturtium flower salad, and green beans and garlic scapes. Maybe bruschetta with basil too. =) Mmm…
  • [  ] Check out High Park picnic potluck organized by Gail Vaz-Oxlade. I liked her “A Woman of Independent Means” personal finance book, and I wonder if that might be an interesting place to meet other people into personal finance. =) July 11 (Sun) at 10 AM (High Park Area #3)
  • [  ] Drop off marriage licence application  – filled out, still need to drop it off
  • [  ] Fix jacket for tea ceremony


  • [  ] Try more videoblogging
  • [  ] Practice ukulele for at least half an hour a day. Have to work on those calluses…

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  • Waa! The ukulele is so cute!

    And yay for productive holiday weekends!

  • Aw Nicole you beat me to it!

    Sasha that really was sooo cute. (I wouldn’t give up your geek-girl career yet if I were you).

    dude… I can’t believe you failed to drop off your marriage application… still. you know that’s just a formality right? the real marriage has already happened. All that’s left is for the ‘scoreboard’ to update.

  • Yeah, I just have to round up the papers, which are actually all neatly filed already. =) Then it’s a bike trip down to City Hall. My excuse is that work has also been really fascinating, but I will get it done in July. =) I should do it before work instead of after work – it’s easier to make it there by 8:30 than to tear myself away from code in order to make it there before the 4:15 closing time. =)

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