On a Lenovo X61

imageI’ve been saving up for a Lenovo X61 for a while. Drawing had turned out to be tons of fun, and l wanted something more portable than my much-enjoyed Cintiq 12WX. So when l came across a Craigslist ad offering the X61 at a decent price, I went for it.

It’s the computer I thought it would be. And it understands my handwriting! So now l get to experiment with my workflow to figure out what works for me…

By golly, the future is actually here.

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  • I’m surprised that IBM wouldn’t just get you an X201 Tablet.

    If you’re running Windows on it then 7 is better for a tablet than Vista (and a lot better than XP Tablet Edition), and if you’re using Office then you’ll find that OneNote takes on a completely new life with pen input.

    I still miss the tablet mode cursor keys from the X60/1T when reading PDFs and eBooks :(

  • I don’t think I’m up for a hardware refresh yet. =) Besides, I didn’t want to wait until the next cycle of laptops, and take a chance on whether swanky tablets like that will be among the options…

    (… interesting, this keyboard has a bit more key travel than the other ones I’m used to…)

  • Seth Mason

    Out of curiosity, what OS and software are you running on it?

    I’d like to see your essential software list. Something like: http://diveintomark.org/archives/2006/06/26/essentials-2006

  • It’s on Windows 7, but I might dual-boot Ubuntu or run Ubuntu on a VM. I need my geek tools. =)

    Software list to follow as l stabilize my workflow. Taking notes along the way…

  • Jan Böcker

    I bought a X61t a year ago when I started studying Computer Science. Having all my notes in digital form helps me avoid clutter and sharing notes with a fellow student takes only one export to PDF and an email.

    Watch out for the hard drive cover on the left side, though, that seems to be the weakest part on the otherwise well-built case. Mine broke after about a year because I developed the habit of holding the device there while putting it into my backpack. (Its currently held in place by a piece of tape, as damage to the case is not covered under warranty.)

  • Good warning! Not sure what to do about that one, aside from holding it by some other part (the battery?). I’ve survived with laptops held together with masking tape, so I’m no stranger to that. =)

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