Weekly review: Week ending August 15, 2010

From last week’s plans:


  • [X] Organize upcoming Idea Labs
  • [X] Attend training for Application Innovation Services consultants
  • [X] Work on plugin to make it easier for other people to organize Idea Labs
  • [X] Contact briefing consultants regarding the expertise pilot
  • Scanned my notes
  • Did innovation archetype analysis for car company
  • Produced slidecast for Communicating Across Cultures session
  • Helped more people with stats / community tools


  • [C] Send a quick note to people I met at VXToronto and in woodworking class
  • [-] Mail lots of jam – packed, but not yet sent


  • [X] Pick up more travel business wear at the Tilley sale  (yay for wash-and-wear blazer, blouse, and pants for ~$190 total including tax!)
  • [X] Outline my “lifeline of books” (see “Write for Your Lives”) – also outlined presentations; looking into posting this online
  • Packed lots of frozen lunches

Plans for next week:


  • [  ] Share notes and follow up on action items from training
  • [  ] Prepare presentation on sharing and workflow
  • [  ] Organize and run Idea Labs
  • [  ] Follow up on expertise pilot
  • [  ] Draft follow-up presentations / articles on eminence?


  • [  ] Have dinner with W’s parents
  • [  ] Go to W’s family get-together
  • [  ] Plan tea party for end of August or beginning of September
  • [  ] Sort out accommodations / travel plans for my family


  • [  ] Catch up after busy weekend
  • [  ] Organize notes

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