Getting more drawing into my life


  • I actually do this myself, It’s fun. Im always sketching things and ideas that strike me everywhere I go. Believe me, you get better at it everyday. :)

  • Hey

    I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months now. I liked your idea of taking notes/documenting everything. I’m trying to do it myself as well! Thanks for that :-)

    Also your “how did I get into IT” story was very inspiring. Loved it.

    Regarding the drawing thing, I was in the same position than yours, wanting to draw more but not actually doing it. Casually I found this thing called NaNoDrawMo (inspired by NaNoWriMo), where you have to make at least 50 drawings on a month, any type of drawings, then post them to their flickr group:[email protected]/

    I joined the group and began drawing, not too sure I could keep up with it, but I’m actually enjoying it quite a lot and making great improvements in technique and speed. Also I’m getting some unexpected (nice) results, so it’s a great experience. Highly recommended!

    Although I guess you’re already doing that by means of your sketches on the train, but I wanted to encourage you anyway! :-D

    It also happens to me that I try to be polite when drawing people on public spaces. It’s funny most of people don’t bother about photos any more, but they become very intrigued when they see anyone scribbling on a paper :)