Sketches: Wicked

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We’re watching Wicked on Friday. It will be J-‘s first time to see it live. W- and I have seen it before, and its story is bound up in our own.

In 2006, I was a graduate student at the University of Toronto. I lived in Graduate House and did my research at the IBM Toronto Lab. To save time on the commute, I carpooled with a new friend. We listened to recordings of CBC Ideas on the way up to the Lab, swapped books, and had great conversations.

One day, we saw ads for a production of Wicked. I promised to look into discounted tickets through Graduate House. Several months later, the musical opened in Toronto. My then-boyfriend wasn’t interested in going, so I just bought tickets for myself and my friend.

We both loved the show, and we immediately bought the music. I listened to Wicked while working on my computer and while walking around. When my boyfriend and I broke up, Wicked provided a soundtrack that picked me up and got me going. So what if I was Not that Girl? I could be Defying Gravity.

Things settled down. Life went back to normal(ish).

To return the favour, my friend invited me to a performance of Rigoletto. Three years and many adventures later, I married him.

  • Ahh… sweet!!!!

    I’m inspired by how you were able to “recover” from the breakup and manage to put life back to normal. :) Of course life always goes back to normal and you can always pick yourself up but things can really go bad if you are not strong and can’t handle things well…

    But it’s really a cute story. ;p

    I love this: “So what if I was Not that Girl? I could be Defying Gravity. “