6 responses to “Smiling”

  1. Charles says:

    This article is a wonderful reflection of your smiling profile picture :-)

  2. Margery Sher says:

    Sacha, You are terrific! I love this post, and all your posts! I met you several years ago when you were in DC doing a presentation with sketching on Gen Y. I told you you must be my mentor, but then I got distracted….Well I am back to tell you I am a huge fan of smiling, and of you!

  3. Sacha Chua says:

    Margery: Thanks for dropping by and reconnecting! =) I remember you, and how much fun Corporate Voices was. Have you ever thought about reawakening your blog? I’m sure you have even more stories to share now!

  4. Margery Sher says:

    Thanks for asking about my blog! I have been wanting to start it up again, but am not sure how! Do I just say, “Hey, I’m here again after being a slacker all this time!”?? I am also going to start a blog for my non-profit, MCCP Foundation. I am just determined now to catch up with the times!!

  5. Sacha Chua says:

    Don’t worry about feeling guilty for the gap. Just jump in there and start writing. Taking a break is perfectly normal – you’re off experiencing things and collecting memories. Now you’ve got even more to write about. =)

  6. Margery Sher says:

    You have the most terrific attitude!! I will do it! Aging Boomer Chick rises again!

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