• This article is a wonderful reflection of your smiling profile picture :-)

  • Sacha, You are terrific! I love this post, and all your posts! I met you several years ago when you were in DC doing a presentation with sketching on Gen Y. I told you you must be my mentor, but then I got distracted….Well I am back to tell you I am a huge fan of smiling, and of you!

  • Margery: Thanks for dropping by and reconnecting! =) I remember you, and how much fun Corporate Voices was. Have you ever thought about reawakening your blog? I’m sure you have even more stories to share now!

  • Thanks for asking about my blog! I have been wanting to start it up again, but am not sure how! Do I just say, “Hey, I’m here again after being a slacker all this time!”?? I am also going to start a blog for my non-profit, MCCP Foundation. I am just determined now to catch up with the times!!

  • Don’t worry about feeling guilty for the gap. Just jump in there and start writing. Taking a break is perfectly normal – you’re off experiencing things and collecting memories. Now you’ve got even more to write about. =)

  • You have the most terrific attitude!! I will do it! Aging Boomer Chick rises again!