Sketchnotes: The Science of Blogging: Dan Zarrella (Hubspot)


Awesome stuff. Key actions for most blogs: by-lines should list real people, you should have  Facebook and Retweet buttons that indicate # of shares, and you should really, really, really get your analytics going.


  • Curious To Learn

    I like your Blog. I found it when searching for Emacs related material. Thanks for the helpful posts.

    My question is: do you have any suggestions for Blogging platform. I see that you are involved in Drupal development. Do you think it is worth learning Drupal if I want to Blog, and in future want to make wesites. Or, should I just stick to WordPress or Blogger.

    Thanks. Hoping you can reply.

  • For most blogs, I recommend WordPress because of the user interface, the huge collection of blogging-related plugins and themes, and the ease of use. Drupal really shines when you build a community website or a content management system. I like the customizability of Drupal. I think it’s worth learning both, perhaps starting with WordPress for blogging, as you can do blogs and simple websites with WordPress, and use Drupal for more complex workflow or content management.

  • Curious To Learn

    Thanks Sacha. Inspired by your blog. Before I read your reply I jumped and started mine on Blogger. Hopefully, that is not a bad choice.

  • I like WordPress much more than Blogger because you can customize more and you can eventually host it on a separate server for full customizability. But hey, if Blogger works for you, it’s fine. =)