Weekly review: Week ending December 10, 2010

I fell off the wagon of early-morning wakeups. Ah, Angry Birds! I’m going to try a few things to make it easier to go to bed, such as using a timer to limit potentially engrossing activities, reminding myself of my reasons for going to bed early and staying up late, and making a list of fun and productive things I could be doing instead of playing. Yes, playing a game that W- and J- are also into is fun for social bonding (“How did you get past that level?”), but there’s so much more awesomeness to be done.

From last week’s plans

  • Work
    • [-] Drupal: More Drupal work – build tricky parts of project M
    • [X] Finish blog post for Dec 10 launch
    • [X] Help with Slideshare IBM network
    • [X] Write more posts for conference toolkit
    • [-] Work on PDFA for level 4 IT Specialist
    • [X] Discuss social media and telecom over lunch
    • Helped Jean get started on project S
    • Wrote project onboarding documents
    • Helped Elena get started on project M
    • Sent ITSC details
  • Relationships
    • [X] Help with homework
    • [-] Buy fleece for making throw
    • Had a wonderful cooking session with the Hattoris
  • Life
    • [-] Design my own grocery list / tracking app for the Android – started sketching, wrote some of it
    • Installed timer on Android
    • Experimented with tracking time

Plans for next week

  • Work
    • [ ] Build tough parts of Project M
    • [ ] Continue to refine Project S
    • [ ] Meet Anna Dreyzin for Lunch
    • [ ] Have PDFA mentoring chat
    • [ ] Illustrate networking tips
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Go to gaming night with Linda and Tim
    • [ ] Send more cards
    • [ ] Buy fleece
  • Life
    • [ ] Work on MobileOrg
    • [ ] Experiment with timing

  • How are you enjoying the task \helping with homework\ ?

    I remember once coming home from work and one of my daughters was 13 at the time. She asked \can you help me with my English homework? I need to write a poem with a particular rhyme pattern\. Agghhh! Not easy after a long day at the office.

    I helped both daughters with maths coaching throughout their high school years but now
    that my older daughter is studing science at university, I gave up trying to help with chemistry and statistics :-)

  • I enjoy helping with homework. I like coming up with creative ways to help J- learn something. It can be frustrating sometimes, but it’s good work. W- handles a lot of the homework help, too, and I pitch in when I have ideas or when W- needs to concentrate on something else. We want J- to hold herself to higher standards than her school does (although her school is pretty okay), and to experience the joy of knowing something well. Reviewing her work, coming up with other ideas, and creating quizzes and other exercises for her helps.