Book: Daddy Long Legs, and letters

A chance remark by the turtle about Daddy Long Legs led me to request the 1955 musical from the Toronto Public Library, and then to read the book online. Fred Astaire’s dance sequences (particularly the first one where he makes drumsticks dance better than most people do) and a couple of good lines, and a nice ending made me smile. Yes, the age gap’s bigger in the movie than it was in the book, and it must’ve been hard for Astaire to perform that with what was going on in his personal life, but it’s still a good one.

The book, on the other hand, was an unexpectedly delightful find. It’s written as a series of letters from this orphan-turned-aspiring-writer, with vivid descriptions and general cheer. I’m half-inspired to do more letter-writing myself, or to bring that kind of vivacity to my blog.

(Will you put up with descriptions of life? In any case, it is my blog, and I would like to be able to remember. =) Prepare for more adjectives!)

Now I am on the lookout for other epistolary gems. I have requested “A Woman of Independent Means” from the library, remembering my mom’s recommendation. Do you have any favourites?

  • I enjoyed reading Daddy Long Legs because it felt so refreshing. I actually read the book several times over already and I can’t help but still chuckle every time I imagine Judy actually talking. And of course, the ending! Who could forget the ending?

    I think you have been writing your blog with more passion and vivacity as the years go. ;) And if you think about it, your blog really does reflect the way you’ve grown. Remember the old times when you blogged about cooking? ;)

    An amusing thought just occurred to me. You write about Daddy Long Legs now and knowing your doodles do get posted here, I am even more amused at the coincidence. XD

    • I haven’t burned a pancake in a while. =) And life gets even better than this? Can’t wait to write about all the adventures!