2011 in review

2011-12-14: Oops! Forgot to make sure the linked image was the original size. Fixed! Also, added a PDF link for people who aren’t on Slideshare.

Just posted my yearly review for 2011. You can browse through the annotated pages on Slideshare. You can also download the PDF from Slideshare or from my site. View it in full screen mode for the most fun. (Mom, if you want to print this, you’ll need 182 sheets of legal-size paper…)

2011 – sachachua.com

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In case the embed doesn’t work or you don’t want to go through the entire thing, you can still see this year as a sketch (click on it for a larger version):


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  • Kenny Meyer

    You’ve collect an incredible amount throughout the year. May I ask how you’ve bundled all the information into a single PDF? :)

  • Oh, I coded a bulk view into my WordPress blog. For example, December 2010 is at http://sachachua.com/blog/2010/12/?bulk=1 (see the ?bulk=1 at the end). This makes it easy to copy and paste everything into a document. I did that for the twelve months I wanted to review.

    Formatting it as landscape with three columns kept it reasonably readable (I like short columns) and allowed for both printing as well as onscreen view. I found that keeping everything in a single document meant unreliable application use, so I split each month into its own subdocument and crossed my fingers.

    I then went through everything, resizing images and repositioning the tables. Tables were the most annoying part. After I got those sorted out, I knew the page numbers would be stable, so I generated the table of contents. Then, for fun, I went back and added ink annotations (yay tablets!). This was slightly frustrating because the ink annotations would sometimes mysteriously disappear. Turned out that they were showing up on different pages, so I went back and erased all the mistaken lines.

    After my third or so pass through the text, my memories were refreshed, and I sketched the highlights using Autodesk Sketchbook Pro. I added that to the blank front page and exported it as a PDF with minimum resolution. The resulting file was more than 15 MB, so I decided to see if uploading it to a service like Slideshare would save my server from having to handle the load. (I have the bandwidth, but I want to save my server resources for other things.)

    And there you have it!

    You can see past yearly reviews to get a sense of how I’ve handled it in the past. =)