Decision review: Razor A5 Lux kick scooter

imageTechnically not my decision – W- was the one who decided to get J- a kick scooter so that she can easily go to school or hang out with friends. Since J- stays with her mom during the weekends, the scooter’s fair game for trips to stores or libraries.

The Razor A5 Lux was $69.99 during a Toys R Us sale a few weeks ago. None of the stores we went to had it in stock, so W- got a raincheck. This week, we dropped by Dufferin Mall and bought the kick scooter. The box wouldn’t fit in my bike bags, so we tested the scooter and discarded the box when we were satisfied that we didn’t need to return it. Without the box, the scooter fit neatly into my bike bag.

My bike’s big and hard to lug up the stairs, so I’ve been trying out the A5 for short trips. It cuts the 750m walk from ten minutes to five, although there’s a bit more exercise involved. I don’t have the same carrying capacity that I have on my bicycle, but the scooter is a lot more convenient for short trips. Worth it, I think! We’ll see how it works out over the next couple of weeks.

  • Spiffy! You might want to consider putting performance bearings on the scooter to give yourself a more mechanically efficient ride; you can probably get these at your local skate(board) shop or sports store for about $15 USD, and it’s an easy thing to swap out if you’re used to basic bike mechanics. Look for something like this. (I’m all about buying low-cost stuff and then swapping out the crucial functional bits for high-end components. Mmm, savings.)

  • W- is no stranger to bike mechanics and often helps me tune up my bike. He mentioned those performance bearings when we picked the scooter up – just might go for it!

  • That looks like fun! My daughter has a scooter too (manual) and she loves it. I’m just waiting for her to grow up a bit before allowing her out on it alone around the village.

  • Hi Sasha and everyone else!

    Thanks for the posts and insights about these scooters! I just bought one myself and ordered another… It’s delayed from the states.

    I am also from Toronto. My friend Monique is from Victoria, and we both just recently combined forces to hopefully spread out the popularity of these scooters across Canada! Please join our Facebook page!

    We are also in the process of designing adjustable carry straps and hopefully make them customizable too!

    If you cannot see the link here it is again!

    I love this mode of transportation! Saves time walking long distances! See you all on our page! We can share your page too!

  • olga

    What bike bag do you use to carry it? I have the scooter, but can’t find a good bag (preferably backpack or messenger-bag type) to carry it for work commuting.

  • Haven’t taken it anywhere on my bike yet. =) Sorry!

  • Kent Peterson

    I love your little sketch of the Razor A5. I may be getting one myself and if so I’ll blog about it. Would it be OK if I use your sketch (with credit and link back to you, of course!) on my blog?

    Any updates on your scooter?

    • Go ahead!

      I ended up not borrowing the kick scooter as much, aside from a few trips when it was novel. I like walking or taking my bike more. =)

  • kscooter

    I think this one’s okay for a kid, but for an adult, it leaves a bit more to be desired. More thoughts @