Making polvoron


Yesterday, I tried making polvoron for the first time. =) J- and her friends had devoured most of the stash that my mom sent us. I followed a simple recipe, but once we get through the… umm… 139 pieces (although we lost quite a few to breakage, see above), I’ll try other recipes with more cooling time. I’ll also try dividing the recipe by four, as that recipe resulted in a lot of polvoron. Mmm!

W- and I cook a lot. There’s enough room in the kitchen for both of us to work, and it’s fun making and enjoying good food. I’m really lucky that he enjoys cooking as well, and that he’s up for eating my experiments!

  • Willie Evangelista

    hahah gumawa rin po ako nyan before…pero ndi ganyan ka dami….nakakatuwa ka nman po

  • Incredible! Polvorones must be something very old, because it’s a typical Chrismas food in Spain. In fact… I had to go to and find out :) I didn’t know this “As this was introduced by the Arabs, during the Spanish Inquisition, it
    was later decreed by the officials of the Inquisition that polvorones
    were to be made using pork fat as a means of detecting secret Jews and
    Muslims within the Southern Spanish regions.”. Crazy. But really tasty.

    • Mmm. Now I want to make some more polvoron. And maybe pastillas de leche…