Emacs braindump from John Wiegley =)

I’m going to edit and post my Skype chat with John Wiegley, but here are some quick notes:

  • Read Emacswiki and go through the package lists to find cool stuff
  • Learn the Emacs way of doing things (keybindings, etc.)
  • paredit
  • redshank
  • helm
  • ace-jump
  • color-moccur
  • use-package
  • async?

Looks like Camtasia Studio 8 grabbed the video just fine, so I’ll work on editing it tomorrow. Whee! I totally have to chat with other Emacs geeks about their config and their projects – it’s such a different experience from just reading people’s configuration files or chatting on IRC…

  • I’d love to have Emacs hangouts on Skype or Google+ to talk about how to use Emacs and stuff! With Google Hangouts, you can share you screen so we can do a show and tell too! :)

  • I’ve got a follow-up chat with John this week. Looking forward to posting more notes from that. =)

    I’d love to have Emacs hangouts on Google+, especially with screen sharing! When would be good for you? I’m generally available on Fridays or the weekend. Shall we give it a try?

  • I’m pretty darn flexible as I don’t really have a fixed schedule right now. I’ll work around everyone else’s schedule as much as possible. :)

    Keep me in the loop and I’ll join in!