Not getting overwhelmed by learning, no siree

| life

Sometimes I feel like I’m buzzing from all the different things that are going on. So many new things to attend to! I upgraded to Camtasia Studio 8 so that I can record better screencasts and experiment with sketchcasting. I bought Quickbooks Pro 2012 so that I can use it for business accounting. I’m playing around with delegation, so I want to make sure that people have things to work on. W- ordered the LEGO Batman 2 game, which is pleasantly distracting. So many things to explore and learn. If I manage things well, I can avoid running around in circles or getting distracted too much.

It’s a good opportunity to practise slowing down and not getting overwhelmed. Breaking ideas down into small chunks makes it easier for me to make progress, and checking tasks off lets me see how I’m doing. Writing slows me down and helps me reflect.

And then there’s slowing down with non-computer time, too: a conversation over lunch, some alone time with my sketchbook, a walk with my husband, that sort of thing.

It’s also important to make space for play – both the exploration of the world that the LEGO game creators made, and the exploration of these worlds of software that all these other developers have put together.

Maybe I should start tracking these moments so that I can get a better sense of what my sweet spot is like and how I get there. In terms of household routines, we’re doing pretty well. Work is good, too. This – this isn’t work-overwhelm or chores-overwhelm or even social-overwhelm, this is just spreading myself a little too thin, and I can fix that.

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