Emacs: Chatting with John Wiegley about the cool things he does with Emacs

John Wiegley – June 26, 2012 from Sacha Chua on Vimeo.

Transcript: http://sachachua.com/blog/2012/07/transcript-emacs-chat-john-wiegley/

Read more context for John Wiegley’s thoughts on the GPL. Note from Sacha: The WordPress folks seem to have figured out how to earn money with premium themes, plugins, and training, so it’s not incompatible with the GPL… =)

John Wiegley is one of my Emacs heroes. =) Check out John’s Emacs configuration and other tools on Github. John occasionally posts Emacs-related things at newartisans.com. You can find him on Twitter as @jwiegley. Enjoy!

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  • aaron

    Thanks for sharing this conversation. Great to listen in on two titans of Emacs.

  • ranulf

    Hey Sacha,

    thank you very much for the great idea of interviewing the Emacs pros and sharing the interview here on your blog.
    This is so inspiring for the day-to-day emacs usage!

  • Great video.

    John, made a good point about some kind of funding for doing documentation for GPL projects.

    I know I’d be willing to donate at least $25 for the eshell documentation. Hopefully, there could be a tip jar lots of emacs packages.

    But, I thought eshell would get some of that Tron money, since it was the best part of the movie (way better than Daft Punk).

    p.s. How about interviews with these emacs elites:

    Phil Hagelberg (technomancy)
    Carsten Dominik (norang)
    Eric Schulte (literate emacs config)
    + dozens of others I can’t think of at the moment.

  • I’d love to meet more Emacs geeks! I’m gradually working up the nerve to e-mail people and ask them nicely if they’ll share how they work. If you’d like to volunteer for a chat, I’d love to hear from you at [email protected]. =)

  • legumbre

    Thanks to both you and John for doing this interview. I love hearing about people and their tools. I use John Wiegley’s code everyday, from iswitchb and eshell to ledger, huge respect for him.

    I hope these interviews become a regular thing! Good work.

  • GTK

    I’ve had the exact same experience John describes starting about 20:15. Tried moving away from Org, and went back to it because it is just *right*.

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  • Phil

    Thanks for that, Sacha & John. There were lots of informative and inspiring little gems in that discussion!

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  • Dan

    thanks for the interesting conversation.

    In case this is an ongoing series Xah Lee or Drew Adams have probably lots of great things to tell about emacs.

  • John mentions “a taxonomy to put things into places by category and by topic” that he adheres to rigidly.

    Any advice on how to come up with such a thing? I always end up fiddling, deciding between seemingly arbitrary choices in developing the taxonomy and then making another decision every time I have to classify a new item.

  • Great interview! I am one of those who switched to Emacs because of org-mode.

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