Weekly review: Week ending August 24, 2012

There’s paint in my hair, but that’s okay. It matches the shed.

From last week’s plans


  • [X] Earn: Start wrapping up E1
  • [X] Build: Share quantifiedawesome.com source code online
  • [X] Build: Pull in MobileOrg changes
  • [-] Build: Work on new version of slides (Friday?)
  • [X] Build: Follow up on talk
  • [X] Build: Put together a mobile app that extracts the URL from a shared text in order to get around Evernote and BigOven being all fancy
  • [X] Connect: Drop by Hack Lab on Tuesday
  • [X] Connect: Attend Toronto B2B Marketers meetup, perhaps?
  • Earn: Assist R1 – high-level design
  • Connect: Set up meetings for next week


  • [X] New recipe: honey garlic chicken wings
  • [X] Host watermelon party and birthday get-together


  • [-] Re-read blog posts, put together annual review
  • [X] Dictate more book notes

Plans for next week


  • [ ] Earn: Wrap up E1
  • [ ] Earn: Send R1 timesheet
  • [ ] Connect: Attend QS Toronto organizer meeting
  • [ ] Connect: Meet Craig Flynn and Ian Garmaise
  • [ ] Connect: Revise slides for Quantified Self conference
  • [ ] Connect: Set up Google Hangout to discuss blogging and delegation
  • [ ] Build: Improve delegation processes
  • [ ] Build: Write/draw six month business review, plans for next six months


  • [X] Help W- paint shed
  • [ ] Cook lots of food
  • [ ] Check out farmers’ market


  • [ ] Re-read blog posts, put together annual review

Time notes

  • Business: 38.7 hours (E1: 34.6)
  • Discretionary: 33.9 hours (Emacs: 0.8, Social: 18.3, Writing: 3.9)
  • Personal: 22.2 hours (Biking: 3.5, Routines: 11.8)
  • Sleep: 61.0 hours – average of 8.7 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 12.3 hours (Cook: 1.1)

  • http://chrisnolan.ca/ Chris Nolan.ca

    I was curious about your note regarding the QS conference so I did a bit of digging and found http://quantifiedself.ca/quantified-self-toronto-conference-friday-october-20-2012/

    Just wondering if it’s actually on Friday, or actually on the 20th of Oct (a Saturday)?

  • http://www.flaviosouza.org Flavio Souza

    Hi Sacha, could you give us some tips on how you devide your weekly tasks and how you use your categories? I think it would be a interesting post to share. Thanks!