Sketchnotes: Angel Hack Toronto pitches!

Sketchnotes from today’s pitch afternoon – 62 2-minute pitches from the different teams in Angel Hack Toronto. Lots of great stuff! Feel free to share these visual summaries under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

20121202 AngelHack 1 20121202 AngelHack 2 20121202 AngelHack 3 20121202 AngelHack 4

See the AngelHack Toronto presentation list for links to short descriptions.

Like this? Check out my other sketchnotes for business- and technology-related visual summaries. Want me to draw for you? Get in touch!

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  • kunal

    good job, really liked it, I am from #ZippSpot Team.

  • Jesse F.

    Love the sketches makes reading pitches less tedious ;)

  • Sacha Chua

    Glad you like them! Happy to support the Toronto entrepreneurship community. =)

  • Shaharris

    Thank you so much for covering our event, Sasha, I hope you had fun!!

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