Sketchnotes: ENT101 Business Plan and Other Communication Tools–Veronika Litinski

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20121205 ENT101 Business Plan and Other Communication Tools - Veronika Litinski

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Text: MaRS ENTREPRENEURSHIP 101 Dec 5, 2012 #ENT101 Veronika Litinski BUSINESS PLAN AND OTHER COMMUNICATION TOOLS Announcements: Dec 12 Meet the Entrepreneurs Jan 9 Lived It Lecture Dec 10 Substance of Silicon Valley idea -> product (with lots of help!) Business profitable product ideas idea -> (build) product -> (measure) data -> (learn) You are building a PROFIT ENGINE must be SCALABLE must be PROFITABLE Work with your customers 1. What do you do? 2. Who cares? 3. How do you make money? customers -> strategic partners -> investors -> employees -> Executive summary Presentation Whitepaper Business plan What are your milestones? Problem domain knowledge Path investigate, compare, test purchase Revenue model Demo/prototype Marketing equation Proof Key members Scalable solution CUSTOMER DISCOVERY Problem -> Solution What? What is quality? Don't get stuck in jargon! -> use customer words Toolkit presentation executive summary Business plan with projections visual assets are powerful! Develop the right METAPHOR to help people anchor an idea. Business plan You want investors to be EXCITED about YOU. Be visible online, too. meet in person! PLANNING vs SELLING -> good for dealing with distractions Understand biases and work with them availability -> representative -> escalation of commitment (handy!) -> Pick info carefully Know your audience (not just tech) and BUILD YOUR STORY. Social media Become an expert. When you're ready for thought-provoking Value proposition Discover with your customers Business planning and communication These people know their stuff checklist (see slides) video: problem and solution, short CONTEXT value proposition brand profiles case studies