It’s my dad’s 65th birthday today

It’s my dad’s 65th birthday today. He’s having a party with sixty-five guests, and from the pictures that people were posting on Facebook, they were having a lot of fun. =)

I wish I could’ve been there. My dad is the sort of person who’s best in person. He has all these wild stories and projects. Besides, I think Skype makes him sad. I think Skype makes my mom sad too, but she puts up with it better, and so she tells me stories about what she and my dad have been up to.

Fortunately, my dad loves taking pictures, so I can catch glimpses of his life through Facebook. He writes well, too. You can hear his voice when he writes. And other people like telling stories about him and taking pictures with him, so it’s very easy to keep up with his adventures.

W- is at work and J- is at school. It’s a good thing I blocked off my calendar and left myself some space to breathe. I cuddled up with the cats and got through another bout of homesickness. Well, mostly. It’s hard to deal with this. I’m getting better at reminding myself why I’m here. We’re saving up for flights and some other major expenses that are coming up this year, so we can’t visit nearly as often as I’d want to. Even if money were no object, J- has to be in school, so W- needs to be here, so I want to be with him. It would be nice if our extended family were all in one city, but it is what it is. I could no sooner turn my back on this than turn my back on myself. The double-digits-below-zero weather isn’t helping my mood any, but the cold air turns out to be bracing and refreshing, so I might go out for a walk later.

My dad is awesome and I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next. I’m also looking forward to hearing about another year of grandfatherhood. Wonderful stories are ahead.

It’s traditional to make a wish around birthdays. Even if it’s not my birthday, I’m going to make a wish anyway. I have to figure out what I want to wish for, because otherwise this sort of distance is only going to get harder, not easier. I wish we can get better at celebrating life while being less distracted by the distance. That’s all the distance is – something that gets in the way while there are so many other good things to focus on. I have to work on that.

In the original version of the Little Mermaid, the potion that gave the mermaid legs also made her feel like she was walking on sharp swords. I’m lucky in that it doesn’t feel that way all the time. The trick is to keep dancing even when it does.

Anyway, it’s my dad’s 65th birthday. He and my mom show me that it’s possible to live an awesome life, and so I will too.

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  • Dad rule! hope he has a great birthday. My Dad is the same age, well a year older.

  • Happy Birthday to your Dad! I’m sure he’s very proud of you.

  • Sameer Vasta

    Happy birthday, Sacha’s dad!

  • Say happy birthday to your dad from me.

    I have often heard of parents telling young children that they can only invite the number of guests that match their age, but I have never before heard of someone applying it to their 65th birthday. I must remember this idea when I reach 65 :-)

  • Yup, my parents totally rock. Here’s my dad’s Facebook page if you want to get to know him! =)

  • Hi Sacha! I was really touched by this post because as you already know, I live miles away from my family. Like you, I only see them once (or if we’re lucky, twice) a year. It’s been like this since I’m 12 – when I had to study at Pisay Davao.

    There are really times when it sucks, and there’s a pang of homesickness that you can’t just shake away quickly. But I’ve also become better at dealing with it. I have to accept that this is what’s best for all of us and there are certainly ways in making this work. One of my goals this year is to make Skyping with my parents a regular one. :)

    Your parents rock, Sacha! And belated happy birthday to your dad!

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  • Thanks for this post, Sacha. I’ll make sure your papa gets to read it. I would also like to print it – sorry, I am still partial to print.

  • Artbusiness05

    Hi Sacha, saw you grow up in AdPhoto during the 80s. I think most advertising folks during those days are familiar with your dad and have seen more or less his kids too. Chin Chin, KAthy (K-Ann?) and you Sacha. You were always carrying a book or something. And now most of you are living abroad. Still somehow in touch with John And Harvy through FB and Text!. Did a lot of shoots with your dad then, studio and location. In fact your mom and dad were also witnesses to our (my husband and I) relationship then because we were all working together for a project for Peninsula. It’s always waming to know newsbits about Harvy, about John and about each one of you. I also have my own family now (with 3 girls too!) Kinda reminds me of your parents!
    Take care and God bless.  By the way— I’m Butchie Peña-