Emacs Chat: Carsten Dominik

In which Carsten shares how he got started with Emacs, the joys of Calc, and other cool things. =)

Carsten Dominik from Sacha Chua on Vimeo.

Want just the audio? Get it from archive.org: MP3, Ogg Vorbis (gosh, archive.org has been automatically converting to Ogg all this time? That’ll simplify my post-production… )

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  • jcs

    Your best chat yet. I always enjoy hearing both you and Carsten talk so this was a double treat for me. It was great hearing some of Carsten’s stories. He’s a really interesting guy.

  • Evan Misshula

    Carsten is at least as engaging as the software he has created. Kudos to you for introducing more people to the man behind this wonderful software (and community).

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  • ks

    Awesome!! thank you both, really enjoyed the chat.

  • Deepak(gnumonk)

    Worth watching Sacha.

  • Wonderful! Thanks so much for publishing this! Reading the Calc Manual now….

  • Thanks for publishing the talk. Very interesting.

    At one point in the conversation you mentioned that the publishing system will be revamped. Could you please point me to some information on what will change. Thanks.