Emacs chat: Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson

I got to chat with Thomas about Emacs and picking up configuration snippets from EmacsWiki. He’s so lucky – he gets to work with lots of other Emacs geeks! =)

Thomas Kjeldahl Nilsson – Emacs chat from Sacha Chua on Vimeo.

More about Thomas on kjeldahlnilsson.net

Just want the audio? Get it from archive.org

  • Keith Mantell

    Great discussion. init.el as literate programming!

    If el-get was used I could replace most of my setup easily.

  • mbork

    Very interesting. One (technical) comment: while I could understand most of what Thomas said, your voice was definitely too quiet. (I listened to this on an mp3 player outside, on a windy day… hint: uploading mp3’s of your talks is a great idea!;))

    • Oh yeah, archive.org makes Ogg files automatically too. Neato.

      I have to go fiddle with the sound sometime. Maybe after I get back from the Emacs conference. Stay tuned!