Quantified Self Toronto: Where the Time Went

Update 2013-6-6: Added a link to the video!

Carlos Rizo convinced me to quickly throw together a presentation for today’s Quantified Self Toronto meetup. Here are my slides!

Check out quantifiedawesome.com for my data, dashboard, and source code, and read through my Quantified Self blog posts for more geekery.

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  • Thanks for posting the slides since I couldn’t make the lunch and learn. I really love your clothes database. Have you thought about commercializing it? I could be your first customer! (really!)

    • There are quite a few apps / startups looking at this space, including some interesting wardrobe organization apps for iOS (haven’t tried them as I’m on Android). Would you like to give those a try to see if you like them? =D

  • Pat Thomasson

    You are a geek, which is awesome. I was cracking up about the discretionary time-lego (insert lego set name). I really want to start tracking my time like this. Do you recap at the end of the day or post as you go?

    • I tend to post as I go, except when I’m offline or forgetful. =)

      Also, we’re big fans of the Lego console games by Traveller’s Tales. They’re funny!

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