Animating things in Emacs

Some years ago, I came across M-x animate-birthday-present (and therefore animate-string and animate-sequence) while reading through the output of M-x apropos-command RET . RET, which lists all of the interactive commands. (Well worth exploring! The Emacs Manual also lists a few unusual things under “Amusements.”) It’s one of my favourite examples of odd things you can find in Emacs, like M-x doctor and M-x tetris. I use animate-string to create the title sequences of Emacs chats like this one with Bastien Guerry.

It turns out that lots of people use the Emacs text editor for animating things. Andrea Rossetti (from Trieste, Italy) e-mailed to share this little thing he put together to simulate typing in Emacs. And, boggle of boggles, someone even taught a course on Emacs Lisp Animations.

Next: Maybe someone can make an onion-skin animation mode to go on top of artist-mode so that we can make Emacs flipbooks? Winking smile

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  • bzg

    I’d love to see a running ascii unicorn :-) Thanks for the link to teletype.el, this is something I’ve looked for since a while.

    • Andrea Rossetti

      I’m happy that someone could benefit of that teletype.el. Usage suggestions: might be handy to speed-read text, or emails from friends who like to be verbose… :)

  • Alex Chamberlain

    This is wonderful! That online course is a great find. Looking at the Wikipedia page on ASCII art, it says that ASCII animations started as soon as there were terminals that accepted cursor movement codes—the VT100. I always thought it began with the BBS scene in the ’80s. Learn something new every day!

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