Sketchnote: Visual Thinkers Toronto – Mapping

At November’s Visual Thinkers Toronto meetup, we talked about mapping. =)

2013-11-26 Sketchnote - Visual Thinkers Toronto - Mapping


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  • Paul D


    Think about writing a book. You have the chops, you have a truly unique niche.

    Certainly this has occurred to you. You have a fabulous & wonderful talent. Do the World a favor, write a book. It scales :-)

    • Awww, thanks! =D

      My current boggle is that I find it really hard to work top-down from an outline (versus bottom-up from various tidbits that I write/draw). (I still don’t know what to call this post; Why do I prefer bottom-up thinking versus top-down thinking?)

      This is why the PDFs I’ve put together so far (Stories from My Twenties, Sketchnotes 2012) are both collections instead of logically-ordered content! <laugh> I’ve made these outlines for books I want to write (such as Accelerate Your Learning with Sketchnotes). I find that I’m not particularly good at explaining things when I look at the outline by itself, but I have a lot more fun when I’m answering people’s questions through Google Helpouts, Q&As, comments, conversations, e-mail, etc. So that’s my current strategy – get more people to ask questions, and then fill in the gaps that those questions identify.

      At some point, I will learn how to do this well enough to come up with and answer more questions of my own, especially things that beginners don’t even know they should ask. My sketches these days are a mix of people’s questions and my own. =) Slowly getting there!

      So, the more questions you ask, the closer we get to an actual, logical book! =)

  • Paul D

    Umm… more than Stories from your Twenties :-)

    • That was totally an experiment to see what the PDF publishing process was like, and also because I want a backup of my favourite memories. Yes, onward!