Emacs Chat: Iannis Zannos – Emacs and SuperCollider

Emacs! Music! Iannis Zannos shares how Emacs can be used for all sorts of awesomeness with Org Mode and SuperCollider.

Check this event page for details and comments =)

Transcript available here!

  • Marcin Borkowski

    Sacha, I like your interviews *very much*. However, I usually listen to podcasts on my phone with an app which uses RSS to grab the mp3 files automatically. (Much better than the usual mp3 player – it remembers the position in the file, for instance.) Would be possible to arrange an RSS feed with all your mp3s so that people like me could utilize this? (I’d be surprised if I were the only one, though it’s not impossible…) Of course, *please don’t* do it if it’s too much work; your time is better spent making Internet a more interesting place than making rss feeds only one person needs;).