Emacs Chat: Xah Lee (ErgoEmacs)

Update 2014-05-12: Transcript available at http://emacslife.com/emacs-chats/chat-xah-lee.html

I chatted with Xah Lee about how he got started with Emacs, how he’s customized it, and other tips he can share for people who want to learn more.

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  • Gnat Tang

    I watched this emacs chat just now, and happily found that you mentioned “NEO”. Neo is fantastic and I did some adaptations to make neo works better with English. Just the magic third level. On github: https://github.com/district10/neo_keyboard_layout

    • Neat! Something to try someday. =)

  • Isabelle Isaac

    I viewed this emacs talk just now, and gladly discovered that you described “NEO”. Neo is amazing and I did some modifications to create neo performs better with British. Just the miracle third stage. On github: Spybubble