A long, long weekend

How do I want to spend my leisure time? I’ve been thinking about that a bit because we have a long weekend, and I have much more discretionary time during the week than most people do.

W- and I are both homebodies. During normal weekends, we typically spend a day focused on cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and taking care of other little things around the house. That still leaves some time for walks, gardening, reading, writing, and watching the videos that we borrow from the library. During long weekends, we usually take advantage of the extra time and energy by working on household projects or doing a deeper clean. W- tends to work long hours, so when he’s not busy with work or gym classes, I prefer to spend the time with him instead of hanging out with other friends. Life is short, after all.

I also have some time during the week, when most people are busy working. I’ve been using that time to read, learn, exercise, and explore. From time to time, I hang out with friends. Last Friday, two of my friends were hanging out at a park, so I decided to join them. It was a leisurely afternoon of sunshine, idle conversation, and ice cream. In the evening, we watched a movie which turned out to be free because of projector issues.

I’m not always keen on conversation, so I don’t particularly like scheduling things and I can be reluctant to meet up or chat. If I can guiltlessly change plans – to wander in and out as I want – I feel much better about it.

Then there’s discretionary time when I’m alone, too. I usually spend this reading, coding, writing, or drawing. I’ve been feeling a little scattered lately. It’s hard to latch onto a question and follow it. Focusing on building habits around exercise and gardening seems to be helping, and exploring recipes is fun too. Fortunately, there’s a lot to keep making slow progress on while cultivating curiosity…

  • This sounds a lot like my wife and me on the weekend. We’re both homebodies, too — me moreso than her — and having big weekend plans gives me anxiety during the preceding week. Spending the weekend working on my hobbies, like normal, is usually a lot more interesting than whatever’s planned, like entertaining visiting family.

    Most weekends we spend together at home playing with our three cats and on our computers, which are positioned adjacent to each other. We’ll play games together, watch a movie or show (we don’t have a TV, so that’s also on a computer screen), or just work on our own personal projects (i.e. Emacs, etc.). Friday night is grocery shopping. Every other Saturday morning she volunteers to do cleaning at a cat shelter, so that gives me time alone regularly.

    Sunday mornings we go for a ~6-mile run together to a nearby lake and back. This is special because we run separately on weekday mornings. I cool off after the Sunday run before my shower by getting most of my cooking done for the week. I say “my cooking” because we eat entirely different meals, even if at the same time. She’s a semi-vegetarian and I’m an full-on carnivore (low carb). Sometimes she’s worried that her vegetarian/vegan friends might see her with our meat-laden shopping cart at the grocery store.

    • How wonderful! =D It’s such a relief to know that this is something that works perfectly well for other people.

      Someday I’ll work up to being able to run that far. That’s awesome.

      Thanks for sharing. =)