Emacs Chat: Karl Voit

Org Mode, Memacs, lazyblorg, .emacs, Yasnippet, tags . http://karl-voit.at , http://twitter.com/n0v0id , http://github.com/novoid.

Check out Karl’s notes for more details. (Or at least, you can check them out when his server is up again!)

Thanks, Karl!

Got an interesting Emacs workflow? Please share. =) Happy to bring on more people for Emacs Chats. Also, check out the upcoming Emacs Hangout on Dec 17 (8 PM Toronto)!

Check out TRANSCRIPT here!

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  • You should do a regular podcast on Emacs.

    • Perhaps I should! I’m not very good at doing stuff regularly, though. =) Anyway, if you want to subscribe to the irregular Emacs Chat podcast, I think you can add it at http://sachachua.com/blog/category/podcast/emacs-chat-podcast/podcast/feed/ .

      What would you like to see/hear in a regular podcast on Emacs? Are you thinking about short tips (5 minutes), more in-depth explorations (20 min), or more interviews (1h)? =)

      • So these interviews can be podcast in itself. It is much easier to get them on mobile. They don’t have to be editted. They can be once a month. But anywhere from 30-1 hour would be perfect time.

        As far as content goes maybe a few commands, talk about your blog posts, talk about posts on planet emacs, finding new modes is always fun.

  • Karl Voit

    Hi, this is Karl.

    Karl-Voit.at (my server) died last night (both RAID HDDs stopped working). Bad timing, isn’t it? :-)

    It’s down until a new host is set up. Meanwhile, find my corresponding blog post with lots of useful links which were mentioned in the talk at http://paste.grml.org/hidden/5a842927/ in Org-mode format – of course ;-)

    Thanks for having me on this great series of interviews!

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