Fuzzy brain; also Ni No Kuni

Low energy both physically and mentally today, but I managed to squeeze in a 90-minute walk that included the library and the supermarket, so my walking streak continues. I can feel the fuzziness start to encroach, so ah well. Time to indulge a little. Aside from the walk and the usual chores, in fact, I spent practically the entire day playing Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

I like playing role-playing games, particularly ones that are forgiving enough to let you restart or change your mind if a battle’s too much for you. I enjoy watching the story unfold, and I like slowly getting the hang of the battle system and character development.

I prefer turn-based games like Persona 4 Golden where you have a little time to review the situation and think about what you’re going to do. But Ni no Kuni is such a pretty game – gorgeous visuals and sound (Studio Ghibli! the Tokyo Philharmonic!) – that I’m working on getting the hang of the real-time battle system. I expect the game to take me a while, though. This is good, because I happen to have said while.

There are many things I could do with my time, and I’m sure they’ll rise higher on my list after I settle in. There’ll be time enough for other things.

  • Jack G.

    Ni No Kuni?! Great taste in gaming, Sacha! :)

    As for the brain fuzz, have you tried probiotics/pre-biotic foods/supplements? Since the gut microbiome produces around 80%+ of brain chemicals, an unbalanced ratio of wrong strains of bacteria is often the culprit behind cognitive maladies/inadequacies.

    Whenever the ‘blahs’ creep into my life (unless sleep deprived), some probiotic capsules and yogurt, 2 or 3 cups of kale (good bacteria love dark greens), as well as 3 cups of loose leaf herbal tea (polyphenols are wonderful for gut flora) fixes the problem!

    Take care and enjoy that masterpiece of a game. :)

    • I’ve got a good idea of where this fuzzy-brainness is coming from, and I know it’s temporary, so I’m not too worried about it. In the meantime, it’s fascinating to explore, so I’m not trying too hard to get rid of it or alleviate it. If it starts getting in my way, I’ll definitely look into your tips. Thanks!