2016-01-16 Emacs Hangout

Event page: https://plus.google.com/b/108840863190686221561/events/cqe6vjn5a3jbt8971n9ovljl78g


  • 0:19 Posting to blog
  • 0:25 Cheat sheet
  • 0:31 Books
  • 0:36 Org Mode
  • 0:40 Emacs config
  • 0:42 Programming languages and modes
  • 0:51 Discovery of the week
  • 0:52 Kanban
  • 0:56 Bug trackers, Scrum
  • 1:04 Helm, input methods
  • 1:08 Mobile access
  • 1:18 Sharing

Text chat:

Neat links from Paul Harper, who couldn’t participate in the voice chat: I am writing in to share my ‘discovery of the week’ which was J. Alexander Branham’s Blog and his dotemacs on Github. He is a PhD Candidate at UT-Austin in the Department of Government. He has some very good posts on using Emacs for Markdown, LaTeX and R for academic types. It complements Kiern Healy’s one for Social Scientists, and Vikas Rawal’s Orgpaper.

me 8:49 PM Jira
Shakthi Kannan 8:58 PM https://github.com/ianxm/emacs-scrum
me 8:59 PM org-ascii-text-width
me 9:03 PM https://github.com/jtatarik/ical-event/blob/master/gnus-calendar.el
Puneeth Chaganti 9:03 PM Paul, there seemed to be a lot of noise on your end. I muted you. Unmute yourself when you want to speak. Thanks!
Bill Zimmerly 9:13 PM Great ssh client for Android –> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.server.auditor.ssh.client
me 9:13 PM http://zot.github.io/Leisure/?load=http://zot.github.io/Leisure/elisp/README.org
me 9:18 PM tmate
Joe Heyming 9:21 PM gotta go, bye
me 9:22 PM Quick tmate demo: ssh [email protected]
Puneeth Chaganti 9:23 PM I can see the emacs tutorial. ~.
  • Bill Burdick

    Hi guys, if you only want to collaborate on text files, you can use Floobits for that — it hooks up to emacs, and a bunch of other editors: https://floobits.com/ I haven’t rigorously tested it with key mashing, which is where a lot of collboration tools fail, but it says it uses operational transformation so hopefully it will be just fine.

  • mandarvaze

    About support for other blogging platform : I am using https://plugins.getnikola.com/#orgmode
    There is also https://github.com/redguardtoo/org2nikola

  • jason

    I’m new to emacs and I’d like to know how to make a cheat sheet. Where would I start looking to bind a hotkey to opening up some org file in a new window on the right side?

    • Hi Jason! Maybe something like this?

      (defun my/show-cheat-sheet ()
      (switch-to-buffer-other-window (find-file-noselect “~/notes.org”)))
      (global-set-key (kbd “”) ‘my/show-cheat-sheet)

      This doesn’t guarantee it shows up on the right side, but it should show up in some other window. If you want it to show up on the right, you might consider looking into split-window-horizontally. Good luck!

      • jason

        Thank-you much for the fast reply Sacha!

  • Steve Prud’Homme Professionnel

    Hi Sacha, just wandering if their is a schedule of Emacs Hangout… When is the next one EST. Thanks