2016-01-16 Emacs Hangout

| emacs

Event page: https://plus.google.com/b/108840863190686221561/events/cqe6vjn5a3jbt8971n9ovljl78g


  • 0:19 Posting to blog
  • 0:25 Cheat sheet
  • 0:31 Books
  • 0:36 Org Mode
  • 0:40 Emacs config
  • 0:42 Programming languages and modes
  • 0:51 Discovery of the week
  • 0:52 Kanban
  • 0:56 Bug trackers, Scrum
  • 1:04 Helm, input methods
  • 1:08 Mobile access
  • 1:18 Sharing

Text chat:

Neat links from Paul Harper, who couldn't participate in the voice chat: I am writing in to share my ‘discovery of the week' which was J. Alexander Branham's Blog and his dotemacs on Github. He is a PhD Candidate at UT-Austin in the Department of Government. He has some very good posts on using Emacs for Markdown, LaTeX and R for academic types. It complements Kiern Healy's one for Social Scientists, and Vikas Rawal's Orgpaper.

me 8:49 PM Jira
Shakthi Kannan 8:58 PM https://github.com/ianxm/emacs-scrum
me 8:59 PM org-ascii-text-width
me 9:03 PM https://github.com/jtatarik/ical-event/blob/master/gnus-calendar.el
Puneeth Chaganti 9:03 PM Paul, there seemed to be a lot of noise on your end. I muted you. Unmute yourself when you want to speak. Thanks!
Bill Zimmerly 9:13 PM Great ssh client for Android –> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.server.auditor.ssh.client
me 9:13 PM http://zot.github.io/Leisure/?load=http://zot.github.io/Leisure/elisp/README.org
me 9:18 PM tmate
Joe Heyming 9:21 PM gotta go, bye
me 9:22 PM Quick tmate demo: ssh ro-OPif3M1DSekzNKzpfI7LScPid@to2.tmate.io
Puneeth Chaganti 9:23 PM I can see the emacs tutorial. ~.
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