2016-10-03 Emacs News

Links from reddit.com/r/emacs, /r/orgmode, Hacker News, planet.emacsen.org, Youtube, the changes to the Emacs NEWS file, and emacs-devel.

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  • Abhinav Sharma

    Hii Sacha!

    I’m really happy that today, after being an avid reader of your blog, I’ve finally mustered the courage to ask you stuff :P

    … or maybe Emacs has grown on me that much)

    So, I’m sure you’re keeping up with the new `–with-module` flag in emacs . It seems it can enable package authors to write in different languages. What I want to ask is whether it’s possible to write packages in Julia, since it calls C – natively ?

    And how can I go about doing it, do you have any pointers?

    P.S. I love your sketches, trust me I made them really popular in my University class. I mean, since when do Computers and Programming has to be scary! You keep it fun, thanks)

    • I haven’t looked into it actually, but maybe the folks on the emacs-devel mailing list can help you out. It seems like the sort of thing people there might have dug into, and if you happen to run into any issues along the way, that’s where they’ll end up too. Please take notes – it would be a great write-up! :)

      Thanks for reading and sharing!

      • Abhinav Sharma

        Oh, okay. Seems like many things have been living me towards the devel groups recently, thanks:)

        Yup, will take notes)