Fixed paragraph breaks in WordPress, no more wall of text

While trying out the “after” filter I just added to my blog, I noticed that my paragraph breaks were missing. I hadn’t noticed it for a while because I’ve been building up my weekly and monthly reviews from sketches instead of blog posts. How embarrassing!

(Then A- woke up and it was time for lunch, so I was a bit frazzled. But W- stepped in and took care of her, hooray!)

I saw the paragraph breaks in WordPress’ visual editor, but not the exported HTML, which just kept whitespace in between the paragraphs instead of breaking them up with tags. It happened even when I created a new post through the web interface, so it wasn’t org2blog’s fault.

I checked if the paragraph issue happened on a new install. It didn’t.

I checked if the paragraph issue happened with all the plugins deactivated. It didn’t. Aha! (Note to self: I really should set up a dev environment again…)

I turned the plugins on one by one, and I narrowed it down to the NextGen Gallery plugin. It worked after I updated that.

Anyway, things should be readable again. Hooray!

  • I encountered this one before in my old WP theme, but my problem is different. It’s just fixed after I switched to a new theme and I didn’t bother to find out what’s the culprit. Haha!

    And oh, I noticed your blog is quite slow. I think you should optimize it just like mine. Check this out (speed comparison between and

    During a loooong weekend, It’s fun to tweak your js, css, and wp theme files to achieve a faster load speed. Try it! :D

    • Hah, I lose points because of the images. Someday I may tweak that, but in the meantime, thanks for patience!

      • It looks like Disqus adds a bit of delay, too. The page feels like it renders quickly enough for me with my Internet speed, so I’ll probably prioritize getting more stuff out of my head and into the blog over optimizing bandwidth and loading (at least until A- goes to school or something like that). =) Let’s see if the plugin I added for image optimization will help with stuff going forward, too.

      • You can also use to bulk optimize your images and spit out webp for Chrome users. At the very least this is one of the lazier approaches that can work within your server (no cloud services).

        If you want something that offloads the processing you can use they also have a plugin for wordpress that you can just do bulk optimizations on.


        • It’s easy enough to run options on the files in my uploads directory, so that takes care of my archive. Thanks for the recommendations, though! :)