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oops, nearly forgot to leave photocopies

I nearly forgot to leave the photocopies I borrowed. Nicolette Baysa’s planning to pick them up tomorrow. Good thing I remembered before we left Ateneo – I’d hate to have reneged.

integrative project reminder

Dr. Sarmenta reminded me that he’d like to see a draft of our paper before the deadline, and that Jam should be doing stuff too.

gospel exercise — school

Okay, the gospel exercise is more or less done. Whew! That’s out of the way.

a ream of arendt — school

I still have to go through a ream of Arendt later… Ah well.

back to work — school

Armed with my makeshift strawberry sugar-er and my trusty highlighter, I return to work.

Finished “The Human Condition” — school

Only one ream of paper to go. My highlighter looks like it’s running a
bit low on ink. I want to stock up on these. These and
foldback clips. More of the foldback clips. The smallest kind – those
are a bit more useful. What am I doing? I’m dreaming about
organizational tools.