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Fri Sep 13:59 2002

now we’re talking about relationships

Fri Sep 13:24 2002

Maybe I should store the tasks in a MySQL database. MySQL allows us to do a simple relevance query. Hmmm. This may give me an excuse to go Java as well as Emacs.

Fri Sep 13:42 2002

make remember use emacspeak.
learn enough to become a major contributor ito Emacspeak

if i store it in a database, then I can use queries.. I need to also find out how to make bbdb use lots of different source files

Fri Sep 13:42 2002

tasks in a database, guids, whatever Fri Sep 13:37 2002

If I store all tasks in a database, then I need to be able to quickly refer to it. Actually, i I can cache it, that’d be nice. K
That means I’ll have unique task IDs, which allows me to use pretty good task references.
Most of the time I’ll be dealing with just the day’s tasks
I want something to remind me what I’m currently working on, and the last few things I’ve been working on. For example, in a conversation, I may occasionally refer to the last things people say. This would be a circular list.

Fri Sep 13:27 2002