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Looking for Emacs blogs

I’d love to read more about the wonderful editor/way-of-life that is
Emacs. Know of any Emacs-related blogs? (Occasional off-topics are
fine.) Please e-mail the URL to me at [email protected] or use the
comment form.

You can check out for a list of
blogs so far.

I plan to aggregate blogs into a general blog feed and an
Emacs-specific blog feed.

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Creating Passionate Users

Do you know about yet? If you’re
a teacher, trainer, manager, developer—in fact, even if you’re not
one of the above—stop reading my blog and click on that link.

Here it is again if you don’t want to move your mouse up:

These people _rock_.

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Where to find entries

My mom noticed I hadn’t been updating this blog. If you’re looking for
some news on my life, they’re over at . Many of the entries are
friends-only, but so far I am fairly liberal with the definition of
“friend” and will probably add you if you want. =) Set up an LJ
account at and add me to your Friends list;
I routinely check to see if anyone new has added me.

That way, I don’t have to clutter up
the tech-related aggregators like Pinoy Tech Scene
with my sentimental mush. ;)

私は先月新しいコンピュータを買いました。 I bought a new computer last month.

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New productivity blog: To-Done

I stumbled upon a cool new productivity blog: Keith started on May 4. Based on the
articles that are already up, I’d say To-Done is a blog well worth
watching. I mean, someone who’s into the Hipster PDA and GTD and other
things can’t be all that bad, eh? ;)

You might also want to subscribe to
43folders if you aren’t reading that
yet. Really nifty.

And if you’re having a hard time keeping on top of all of these blogs,
I highly recommend Bloglines! It’s an
RSS aggregator that makes it easy for you to subscribe to many sites
and view all of the new entries on one page.

I love reading people’s reflections on how they plan their day and how
they organize their information. Have any other blogs to recommend?

彼女はコンピューター・プログラマーではないのですか。 Isn’t she a computer programmer?

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If you read a number of blogs that don’t update regularly, take advantage of RSS aggregators like Bloglines. You can retrieve all the new posts with a single click, automatically skipping blogs that haven’t been updated. You can also categorize the blogs you read into folders so that you can read through your news in sets.

Bloglines makes it easy for you to share your blogroll with other
people, too. Check out the settings to publish an aggregator that
other people can use. You can also include a snippet of code in your
blog template.

Adding new blogs to your Bloglines account is easy with the Bloglines
toolkit for Mozilla and Firefox. You can browse the directory for
other cool blogs, too. Bloglines is good stuff!

不正アクセスは、法律で取り締まるべき。 There should be a law against hacking into the system/computer.

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