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Zero Gravity Circus

I biked over to 1300 Gerrard Street East to join the weekly Zero Gravity Circus practice (7 – 11, Wednesdays). These guys are way, way cool. They’re really set up for circus practice: long strips of cloth for acrobats, mats all over the place, and even a small stage. People juggled assorted things: balls, clubs, rings… A number of people practiced poi (they’re using really short strings, for some reason) and fire staves (sans fire), and there were even a couple of diabolo people. (Way, way, cool!)

The streetcar runs along Gerrard Street E, so it’s a pretty convenient location. Now I have a regular Wednesday evening thing…

彼はコンピューターに精通している。 He is acquainted with computers.

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Under-leg loops

Can now make the diabolo loop around one leg. Back catch still needs
improvement, but can be dramatic finish. Must practice with higher
ceilings! Diabolo good exercise.

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