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Livening up your laptop lid: self-adhesive reusable surface

All you need to transform your laptop lid into a reusable surface where you can display your latest doodles are: one photo album with self-adhesive pages, a knife, and double-sided tape. Get a photo album that uses plastic and a sticky(ish) surface. Life is easier and neater if the strip that keeps the plastic attached to the book is on the outside edge. You'll see what I mean.

Step 1. Position the laptop face-down on one page of the photo album so that the strip that keeps the plastic attached to the book is along the top edge of the laptop lid. Trace laptop outline onto one page of the photo album. (If you feel particularly diligent, you can measure it instead.)

Step 2. Cut the photo album page to size. Trim a bit off the bottom part to avoid hitting the laptop hinge.

Step 3. Attach double-sided adhesive tape to the laptop.

Step 4. Mount photo album piece on laptop.

Step 5. Peel back plastic and put in stuff.

I like this approach because it doesn't require me to bring any special supplies in order to add to the display. For example, I can add fortunes from fortune cookies, Post-it notes, or even business cards.

This is handy for my wild idea about selling advertising on laptop. This laptop hack's primarily about creatively expressing yourself, though. =)

Good stuff.

I came up with a terrific plan B: a whiteboard with a plastic protector to keep it from being erased in one's backpack. That one's pretty cool, too. I'll blog about it more on Sunday, Aug 27. In the meantime... enjoy!

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