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Birds on wires
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After reading my post about being a girl, one of my closest friends wrote:

I never thought you ever got such thoughts:
And when the shadows in my head whisper that I'm not as good as the others, not as geeky as the others, I drown them in Emacs Lisp. ;)
I always saw you as someone strong and has everything together - yeah like you are a hitchhiker with your towel with you all the time ;)

I get that a lot, the nagging thoughts that I am not as good as others. It's kinda tough when that happens because I still haven't figured out what my strengths are. I am something like a Jack of all trades but a master of none. And that is something I have to live with everyday.

This is one of the reasons why I think out loud. I want to connect with other people on a deeper level. It is important to me to be human, approachable and understandable. This blog will not be a polished, professional archive of useful articles. It will have my cooking misadventures, my existential crises, my questions. My issues, as a friend put it. Yes, I have issues. Not very earth-shaking ones, mind you, but I have more questions than I have answers - and I love that!

I talk a lot about feeling insecure, but that's because I love looking for what I can learn from other people. I don't feel threatened as much as I feel inspired. My confidence is not a show that I put on for other people. When I'm in my element, the energy I get from people and from the situation fills me.

When I falter, friends help me remember. You help me remember who I am and why I'm here. My blog lets me go back and look over things in my own words, searching for similar times to find out what I did and how I resolved the situation.

Sometimes it may seem that I'm worried too much about how I measure up to other people (5'1/4"? ;) ) or that I feel too insecure. But hey, we all have different strengths, and I love exploring different things in order to find out how I can be of most benefit to the world. =)

(Besides, one of the cool things about this picture is that the bird on the lower line can see everything that's going on! ;) )

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