Playing with planner (linux, emacs)

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Today’s been a busy day. I don’t suppose I can get planner to nicely work with all the rest of emacs, can it? I rather like emacswiki…

Alright, seems to be fine. Planner’s actually pretty nifty. I’ll pop the description into my remembrance agent index on the next scan, I suppose; maybe it’ll be useful.

I wonder if I can get the wiki to recognize non-wiki words. That would be pretty nice.

Off to dinner with me now.

May 8, 2012

This was my very first post. I was trying out the note-taking capabilities of Emacs Planner. In the beginning, it didn’t support blogging. I built that feature afterwards, and eventually migrated my posts over to WordPress when I decided to move blogging systems.

Planner was a personal information manager for the Emacs text editor. I had picked up Emacs again after rereading Unix Power Tools, and I was curious about some of the packages that were available for it. Planner looked like a great way to keep track of my tasks and notes. The Remembrance Agent mentioned here was another bit of software available for Emacs. It continuously looked at a few hundred words around your cursor and suggested relevant files, which was a really cool way to find out that you’d written about something similar and had completely forgotten about it. I’ve since then moved on to using Emacs Org Mode to manage my tasks, although I haven’t quite replaced the “Here are other things similar to this” functionality provided by Remembrance Agent. I just write about things again and again.

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