publishing my journal as an RSS feed

chrisb wrote in with a tip about Hugo’s .
emacs-wiki-rss.el makes very nice lists of the wiki pages I have, but
I was thinking more of publishing each journal entry (like this one!)
as an RSS item.

One way to do it is to parse all the day planner pages. I’d need to
extract the timestamp, but that shouldn’t be too hard because I’ve
already been keeping track of that. I can call this after
emacs-wiki-publish, or make it part of a wikipage without header or
footer. Hmmm. I’ll probably want to force absolute links, then. How
do I do that? And I’ll want to find out how RSS feeds deal with edits.

Another way to do it is to modify remember.el so that it remembers to
an RSS file as well. This seems to make a lot of sense, too, and has
the benefit of being able to publish in chronological order. However,
if you edit the planner page, your changes won’t show up in the RSS
feed – which may or may not be a bad thing, after all.

I think hooking into remember.el might be fun.